To recap- Skyler and Dillion got suspended because they got in a fight with Tommy, Lauren moved away:(, Skyler admitted that he was just flirting with another girl (Mary) because he wanted Katie to be happy, Katie said it would be ohk if they dated, Skyler Dillion Katie and Carter are going to the movie together (soon).

Katie looks at me, a worried expression on her face, "Carter what's wrong?" She asks.
"I-I said yes to a date with Joey Thomson," I sigh and put my face in my hands.
"What?!" Katie asks astonished, "how did that happen?...and who is he?" She asks sheepishly.
I chuckle at the last part, "he came to our school last year, second string on the team....anyways during LA he winked at me, then after class he was going to ask me something, so I said, yes to whatever your question is. Later that night he texted me and said that he'd pick me up on Saturday at 6pm."
"Oh..." Katie says, I could tell she was trying to think of a plan.
"Oh is right, "I say sighing at the same time.
"Wait, why don't we just set him up on a blind date?" Suggests Katie
"With who though?" I question
"Ummm...." Katie thinks
"We'll how about Mary?" I say, "I mean Skyler kind of did leave her in the dust so then she could be the blind date!"
"That's a great idea!" Says Katie, "you tell Mary in Bio today and text Joey sometime tonight?"
"Yup," I reply, "will do."

I found Mary sitting alone in Bio, I start walking towards her table. I wonder if she'll be mad at me for being with Skyler. Well technically I guess I'm not with Skyler, but I guess since he asked me out we are one step closer.
I bump into Mary's table, "oh sorry," I say
Mary's big brown eyes peer up at me, "that's fine," she says totally cheerful
I laugh, "so you busy Saturday night? Say 6 o'clock?"
"Well no, at least I don't think so, " she says trying to figure out if she's busy.
"Guess what Mary? Today's your lucky day! You have been chosen to go on a blind date. Saturday night at 6 o'clock meet him at the restaurant on 5th." I say in one breath.
Mary giggles, "okay then Carter! That was a Long sentence! But sure ill go, why not?" 
The teacher enters the classroom and we stop talking

After school I walk to the parking lot, looking to see if Skyler has arrived.. Once again I'm first and no one else is here. I pull out my phone, but this time I text Joey. 
I hear an engine, I look up to see Skyler. Luckily I just sent my last text to Joey. I quickly type >gtg have fun on your blind date!>>>>next day<<<<<<<<
"Which one should I wear?" I ask Perry winkle (my kitten).
I'm holding up a black dress from hollister and in the other hand a cream lace shirt with jean shorts.
Katie sticks her head out from my bathroom a curling wand in her hair, "the dress is cute but a bit dressy for you; I'd go with the tank,"
"Thanks," I reply then change, careful not to mess up my loose curls.

I hear a horn honk, "Katie they're here!" I practically scream
"I'm right beside you!" She yells back.
W giggle and grab our wristlets.
"Not nice enough to come to the door?" Katie asks her brother
"Dude! Look at the house, I dorm want to die or something!" Skyler exclaims
Katie rolls her eyes, "awe, don't worry, ill keep you safe, "I tease him.
Dillion an Katie crack up in the back and Skyler focuses ahead, pretending he didn't hear what I said.

Skyler rolls up to the movie theatre, and parks the car. I start to open the door only to almost fall it because Skyler beat me to it. 
"Ahhhhhhh!" I say almost face planting. He grabs my hand.
"Luckily you got me babe," he says
Katie sticks her tongue out, and links her arm with Dillion.
Skyler and Dillion split the tickets and food and we find a seat. Dillion at the end next to Katie, then Skyler and of course me next.
The lights dim and the movie starts. Skyler being himself casually yawns and wraps his arm around my shoulder. I Look at him smiling; copying his gesture I yawn and lean my head on his shoulder.
I barely pay attention to the movie. Snuggling with Skyler the whole time.
I look up at him, his eyes come in contact with mine. Our eyes lock. He leans down, I lean up. And quickly look over at Katie and Dillion. Wait- where are Katie and Dillion? I turn my face, causing Skyler to kiss my cheek. He moves back and looks at me embarrassedly. 
"Where's Katie and Dillion, "I ask, feeling panic rise in my chest.
Skyler looks over, "I swear if he hurts her..." Skyler stands up and stomps/ runs quickly a out of the theatre, my Hand in his.

Where did they go??? What's Skyler going to do? Are they ohk?

Stay tuned!
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