Chapter 2
BootCamp Day 1:

“Welcome to BootCamp ladies and gentleman! Today will be working on Street and Contemporary Club Styles (hip-hop ect.), Jazz Styles (Jazz, contemporary jazz, etc.), Club Styles (rock n roll, swing, etc.), Traditional Styles (Bollywood, Bellydance, etc.) and Classical Styles (foxtrot, tango, etc.) so lets do some stretches and get started right away!” 
I head to a spot and begin stretching when someone comes and plops down next to me.
“Names Sean nice to meet you.” 
I look over to see the amazingly gorgeous guy Josh pointed out at auditions. His eyes are a beautiful blue, and he has a face that looks like it was sculpted by gods. I realized I was staring like an idiot and snapped myself out of it.
“Uh hi my name is Catie, nice to meet you too.”
“Well Catie do you mind if I dance near you?”
“Uh not really, sure, yes you can. Sorry.” I look away shyly.
“Don’t be sorry. Shyness isn’t something to be sorry about, though it does affect your dancing.”
“Excuse me?!” I say a little to loudly and people turned to look. 
“Yeah I watched your audition.” He continued as if he didn’t realize people were staring. “The way you were moving was almost like you were too shy to show of your talent. It’s a massive disadvantage in this kind of competition you know? Like you really need to work on being more confident in yourself, start by wearing something more revealing.”
“You know what maybe you shouldn’t dance near me.” How the hell could he be sitting here critiquing my dancing and my clothing choice?! Okay maybe he is right I do need to be more confident in myself but still I am not going to sit here and let him say this kind of stuff to me.
“Sorry love don’t take it offensively I tend to babble when I meet an incredibly beautiful girl. I’ll leave you alone now.” 
As he was walking away he turned and winked at me. My whole body filled with warmth and butterflies. I mean how could I avoid that, the most incredibly handsome boy just called me beautiful. 
“Alright lets get started boys grab a partner and lets start with tango!” the choreographer announced and I snapped out of a day dream and got up. 
I ended up dancing with a guy about 22. He had short blonde hair and could not dance a lick of anything other than Lyrical. Though I didn’t focus on that. I went the whole day doing the dances without any trouble and trying to get a glimpse of Sean every chance I got. He was dancing with a red headed girl, she was gorgeous and for some reason I was incredibly jealous. But I kept dancing and at the end of the day the choreographer told me I was a natural dancer.
“I have never seen someone this able to dance pretty much every style of dance! And pick up the ones you can’t do so fast! You are definitely going to go far on this show if you gain a little more confidence in yourself.”
Why does everyone keep saying that?
“Thank you very much.”
“Alright everyone you are dismissed for the day tomorrow girls bring your dance flats please.”

BootCamp Day 2:
“Hello again everyone! Listen up, today we will be working on Western Classical Styles (contemporary, lyrical, ballet), Latin/Rhythm Ballroom Styles (Cha Cha, Salsa, etc), Broadway/Musical Theatre Styles (burlesque) and Eastern Classical Styles (chinese classical contemporary). Stretch and lets go.”
As I get ready I see Sean staring at me, when he notices I am looking back he smiles and walks over. 
“Are you still mad at me?”
“No not really.”
“Good then I am dancing with you today. I didn’t like Ashley much, she was who I danced with yesterday, she wasn’t as pretty and talented as you.” He said with an adorable smile on his face.
My stomache was full of butterflies as I asked, “Are you good at Contemporary?”
“Of course darlin, it’s what I auditioned with.” 
“Really?! I mean cool, me too.”
“Well we should start dancing now, seeing as everyone else has started.”
 As soon as we started dancing something clicked. We were completely in sync, it was like we had been dancing together for years and knew each others strengths and weaknesses and we balanced each other. We were perfect together. He was better than any guy I had ever danced with. Such an intense connection overwhelmed me.
“Can we take a break please?” I asked, feeling confused by these new feelings.
“Is something wrong, I thought we were amazing. I’ve never felt so perfectly connected like this with anyone.”
“Me either, that’s why I need a break. Just one second please.” I said as I practically ran to my bag.
I grabbed some water and sat on the floor. As soon as we touched everyone seemed to fade away as if we were the only two in the room, as if no one in the world was around except us. Dancing with him was spectacular, it took my breath away. This was all too much, I had never had a boyfriend, and definitely never felt like this with anyone. 
“Catie! What are you doing over here? Please go back to Sean and continue working on salsa.”
“Oh, sorry Maddy.”
I rose unsteadily to my feet and went to Sean. “Well lets continue I guess.”
“Alright love take my hand and show me the ways of salsa.” He whispered as he winked at me, my cheeks turning a bright shade of magenta. 
The day was coming to an end, closer and closer to finding out who will be kicked off. Finally it was time.
“And now we find out who is being kicked off.”
Nigel named 6 people, 3 girls, and 3 boys who were being eliminated and thankfully neither me nor Sean were one of them. 
“Congrats to the remaining 20! Now we will assign your perminant dance partners.” Nigel said then named the first eight pairs. “Next two dancing together is, Sean and Catie.”
I didn’t even hear the last pair, I was too busy freaking out inside. Sean is my permanent partner, as long as neither of us gets eliminated of course. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. Would we be as good as we just were? How far will we go in this competition? Can we win? All these questions and more were swimming through my mind as I was leaving to go to the hotel and sleep.
“See you tomorrow partner” Sean yelled after me and as I turned to say goodbye he winked and got in the car. 

Thank you so much tomy best friend @emmygirl12397 for editing this! I seriously was having a lot of trouble focusing today and you really helped! Love you lots :D

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