Monkey.D.Luffy's Twin sister and Portgas.D.Ace's younger sister, Luffy and Ace both have Black hair whilst Seras has white so she dresses like her twin to show people that she is related to the brothers she like both her brother's ate a devil fruit Ace ate the the Flame Flame fruit giving the power to control and turn his body in to fire, Luffy the Gum Gum Fruit turning him into a rubber man and Seras Ate the Zoom Zoom Fruit letting her move a t the speed of light making it difficult for anyone to catch or harm her, she and Luffy got a hold of their devil fruits at the same time as the friend Shanks had brought them back with him and the twins ate them whilst they were angry because shanks had laughed at their dream to become the King and The Queen of the Pirates shanks bounced luffy up and down to get the fruit out of him and his legs stretched and his head hit the floor whilst Yasopp chased Seras and discovered that she was now able to run at the speed of light out of the two twins only Luffy will drown if he tries to swim whereas Seras needn't swim as she can just run across the water.

(Oc for One Piece story i'm doing :) )

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