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Where would you go to if you could fly anywhere on Earth?
Well I've been to several places already such as: Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Venice... But the list of places I'd like to go is still very very long, but I think if I had to choose one place right now it would be NY

How many books do you own? 
Not many, I usually read books during the summer, but thoughout the year I don't read much... I read a lot of magazines though, every month I end up buying Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire... It's kind of my addiction...
My favorite books (even though is is not the question) are "The Kite Runner" and " Le Petit Prince" (my favorite book of all time, even though it's a children's book)

What’s your favourite movie from your childhood?
Home Alone, we use to watch it every christmas with the whole family... 

Who's your favorite teacher? 
My old french teacher and my aesthetics teacher were my favorites I guess... Now at uni, I don't really have a favorite professor...

What's your favourite kind of clothing?
My black skinny jeans, have too many of them, basically addicted to them, but they always look good :D

Bad habit?
Uhm postpone stuff I guess... And I work the best at night...

What was the last fictional thing you cried over?
Don't really remember :/

What was the last vacation you took?
Last september, me and my two best friends went to Venice (Italy), had the best time ever! 

What’s on your walls?
Cut- outs from fashion magazines and some of my drawings

Where are you right now?
At my dorm

What kind of tattoo do you think you would have if you got one?
A little sentence in latin probably...

What did you do last night?
I watched The silver linings playbook, great movie! 

What’s your favourite album ever & why?
This is sooooo difficult, I don't think I can choose...

If you could see any band in the whole world live, who would it be?
Radiohead, Foo Fighters and soooo many others...

Explain your icon.
It's a picture of me

What 3 things always make you feel better?
Music, drawing, clothing and movies (I know this is 4 :p)

What’s your idea of a perfect night?
Being silly with my friends and just laughing a lot!

What are you looking forward to right now?
My summer vacation with friends, we're going to Istanbul! 

What’s your favourite smell?
I love the smell when it rains, smell of a new magazine, fresh clothing, the smell of delicious food and the smell of Blue de Chanel (best mens perfume ever)

What are you reading right now?
Vogue Netherlands :$

What’s one thing on your bucket list?
Studying in NY 

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