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@sonope started this round of I tag
I was tagged by the lovely @payton92 and @justadreamer
1. If I tagged you please make a set using one item I used and an item on pg.5 of your items. 
Title it I Tag: ___
2.Tag me @licamolesi and at least 20 others of your choice
3.Amaze me 
I used the bracelet from @payton92's set, the twinkles from @justadreamer's set and the book from page 5 of my items.
Now I tag: @little-vintage-rose, @libertyflowers, @purplehooligan, @dagboo, @sweettoothoutfitter, @allweknowisfalling, @borntotry, @bubblygumgirl, @dreamsinfairytales, @doodlepad6, @cerry71, @thecoolgirl, @shiningstars17, @evalynpaige, @evalynpaige, @pursuit-of-loveliness, @xristina, @horsegurl, @blue-herring, @melyjelly and @marijad0001. 
For the ones who accept tags, have fun! :)
For the ones who doesn't, just ignore this! ;)
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