Sunday - September 19, 2010 - 2:27 pm.
old draft, based on Miss Tiffany's set:

I like these semi-quick sets, but I'm not very good at all the fillers.. just the main things I think.. but at least I'm actually making sets now!(:

yuuus, I love storms.
especially when my refereeing gets canceled because of it. I didn't feel like making the big bucks today.

Day 13 – This week, in great detail 
Homecoming week at my school, yay?

Monday - rode the bus to school, school, tennis practice, home. boring. it was class distinction day, and our theme is Superheroes, so Sophomores were were Spiderman so I had a lame white spiderman themed t-shirt, BUT I got to wear jeans. so yay.

Tuesday - my dad took me to school early so I could make up a chem lab. It was International Day where you dress like you're from another country. I was uncreative and didn't do anything. Everyone and their mother was a french person though.. striped shirt, skirt, and beret. tennis practice. home.

Wednesday - my dad took me in early for Stu co and I made him late for work and he was mad and it started off for a bad day and then a horrible week. 
We didn't do anything in stu co anyway.

 It was The Breakfast Club day, where you dress up as a stereotype. I was "emo/punk" and just wore a Blink-182 shirt, grey skinny jeans, and old converse. I got told on Polyvore that Blink-182 wasn't punk? I disagree.. and then someone at school said they were a "stupid band", when he had never even heard of them. But then finally my friend knew where it's at, and said he liked my shirt. thank you. 
I spent 45 min attempting to straighten my hair, but it was atrocious. (world's thickest hair here) But I decided to leave it down since it had taken so long, but before second hour I went into the bathroom and braided it because it was just too ugly. 

Nobody understood what I was though, I think they thought that's how I normally dress? Even though I don't dress all dark at school.. even with the dresscode. So yeah, it was kind of weird. Everyone else was just a "jock" with sweatpants and t-shirts. and the REAL classy students wore tight tank tops with cheerleader shorts and those Nike ankle socks (tell me how mid-thigh socks are cool?)

And then in oral-com I had to present my perfect room, which I had forgotten to finish, but I had basically all of it done from the day before, but it wasn't colored. So I just said it wasn't in color because it could be any color you wanted it to be. My room was the bomb. I would love it so much, even though it's not possible.. but during and after I presented I felt like everyone was giving me weird looks, like I had somehow managed to convince them I was some sort of alien in the minute it took me to present, I wasn't even nervous or anything..
it was weird and troublesome and it just gave me a bad/weird feeling the rest of the day. 

we had an away tennis match against a bad team and everyone was competing with each other to see who could win first. But I played JV against a girl who couldn't hit the ball back over. I creamed her. I felt bad, but what was I supposed to do? It was bad.
eventful day, it seems..

Thursday - I think I drove to school? my mom was in the car though, of course. It was group day, where you get a group and dress up as something. Some tennis people were dressing in all black but I didn't have a black shirt so I just did black sweatpants and my tennis shirt. 
we had a tennis match against one of our biggest rivals. we lost. bad. it was disappointing. and I played doubles and did really bad. and then I played singles against a girl I should beat and I didn't. I was so much better than her, but I kept messing up. I would either get an amazing shot, or mess up. It made me really frustrated. still not a good week.

Friday - Lancer blue day, wooo. I wore a softball blue t-shirt and JEANS. hiphiphooray. We only had to go to three classes, pointless. it was freshman friday as well, but I don't have any freshman in my classes, only 6th hour. there was like a pep rally after school that I really didn't want to go to, so I kinda made my mom change all her plans so that she could pick me up. It was bad. 
Then I got a text from softball people saying it was not optional that we had to work the homecoming game concessions. So yeah. I had to work it. and dude I'm the best at concessions. fast and efficient is my middle name. You want a blue Gatorade? you got a freaking blue Gatorade. yep.
I worked the whole time, because I don't like football and I didn't have anyone to hang out with. yay. it went by fast and I actually didn't mind. 
Then a weird kid started texting me and I don't like him. mentioned it in the last set.

Saturday - had to go to school at 9 to decorate for the dance. It was eh. Me and a tech guy doing semi-techy stuff. yeah. He tried to get me to go to homecoming. yeah right. one.. 8 hours before it starts? and two, if I wanted to go I'm pretty sure I would have already bought a ticket. He was nice though, I kinda want to do tech crew for the drama plays and stuff, but I don't know anyone on it or how to get onto it or have enough spare time to do that.
it starting thunderstorming at night. love.

Sunday - was still raining, my reffing got cancelled. yay. I didn't feel like doing anything. Helped my dad with stuff. Got on computer. and here I am.

detailed enough for ya?
sorry if I made you suffer through all of that.

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