Tag for Vintage queen

Hi dear ladies! Today is the first time that i run this type of contest. It will be interesting i think...

Here are the instructions:
Who is the Vintage style queen in this group?
Please create a set *finding* all the items (in the items on Polyvore - they can be any items that meet fit the list)
1. Vintage dress, coat or skirt
2. a pair of heels
3. picture of the city ( any city - London, Paris, NY...
4. stamp
5. vintage bag...
6. old car or another type of retro transport
7. chocolate sweets, chocolate or coffee
8. the picture of vintage\retro woman
9. REQUIRED ITEM - see below
You are all get to judge the entries and decide who wins the Tag for Vintage Queen - when you make your set, tag 5 people to make one likewise and submit it here please:

Accept NEW TAG sets ONLY!
Be creative and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by ireneerin. Created in STYLART™ by Irene Erin. 186 sets from 162 members. Ended 6 years ago.