Yesterday a family friend passed away and it reminded me that we have to enjoy every moment of our lives. Because life is indeed short. Never leave something for the next day if you can do it today. Live your life to the fullest. 

I' d like to dedicate this set to some of the friends I made on Polyvore. 
@the-running-verb Σε ευχαριστώ πολυ για την στήριξη καλη μου. Να ξερεις οτι το εκτιμω αφανταστα. 
@jfbs Your comments make me smile and you took the time to make me a set. Thank you so much dear. For everything. 
@lisi-lu thank you sweetie for all the support. 
@nefeli-sparkles Γλυκια μου!! Πώς να σε ευχαριστήσω;; 1.000 ευχαριστώ ειναι καλα;
@victoria-kat και μονο για το σοκολατενιο σετ που μου αφιερωσες σου αξίζουν δεκάδες αγκαλιες. Σ' ευχαριστώ πολυ :))
@leablackpearl sweetie!! thank you so much for everything.... :)
@gul07 thank you dear for all the likes and comments. xx
@sweetandtrendy thanks dear!! you really are one of the best!
@ioanna-sp τι να πω; τι να πω; οτι χαιρομαι που επιτελους βρηκα ατομο που να συμμεριζεται την αγαπη μου για την Ελλάδα, τον πολιτισμο και την ιστορια της; Σε ευχαριστω παρα πολυ για ολα σου τα σχόλια, τα likes και γενικα που εισαι... εσυ. :))
@mica21 thank you honey!! xx

Lastly since this set was made for a tag....
I was tagged by the lovely @jenaycm09
1. If I tagged you please make a set using one item I used and an item on pg.5 of your items. 
Title it I Tag: ___
2. Tag me @marinaelisabeth and at least 20 others of your choice
3. Amaze me

I used the top and the flowers from @jenaycm09's stunning set ( and the effect in the bag is from page 5 of my items.

Kisses to all,
Marina xxx
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