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Friends on Polyvore that you know in real life:
Nada... I don't know anyone that goes on Polyvore... I ask, but no one does! :(
Friends on Polyvore that you don’t know in real life:
@jamie-760 @onedirectiion18 @onedirectionlover35 @fearlessstyle101 @fashiongirl13 @lina-bean @emtaylor98 @are-you-with-me @aline29 @cafe-le-psyence
Just people I follow... :)
Can you remember your last dream?
~I had one about agruing with my mom saying I didn't do anything... I actually said it outloud in my slsleep which is what woke me up! Lulz.
3 places you’d like to go on vacation?
~Bahamas, Hawaii, London/Paris
Do you like chocolate?
~Perhaps the most heavenly thing!
Which is your favorite body part of the human face and why?
~I love looking at people's eyes. That may sound odd, but I love studying their eye colors.
Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days more?
~Rainy days. I love the sound of rain. To me, it's sooo calming. As for snowy days, I don't get much snow where I'm from, but I know that I hate walking in it. Ugh.
Which is your favorite four legged creature?
~Am I seriously expected to answer this? Maybe turtles... if they count. Yeah, they have four legs.
Do you like spicy food?
~Depends. Too spicy, I don't. It really depends on the type of spices.
Do you remember your favorite teacher?
~Yes! It was my kindergarten teacher. I used to do my math during nap time with her so that I could play on the computer while the other kids did their math! Lulz.
Tell me about your favorite book, magazine, or comic.
~My favorite books are all by Ally Carter. The Gallagher girl series and the Heist Society series... so good! As for magazines, I love Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Oprah... bahaha.
Tell me about the last movie you watched.
~Pitch Perfect! Best movie EVERRRR. I could watch it 10 times in a row. Which is why I watched it again.. :)
Tell me about your favorite music/band.
~I really love simple music like Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, etc. As for bands.... I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. Heh.
3 favorite foods?
~Raspberries, Peanut Butter, Pickles... weird I know.
Do you like to shop?
~Ah. To be honest, I'm not a big shopper. I love having new things, but I don't really like trying to find them. Gah, but I would definitely go if I had the opportunity.
Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
~Usually on time, but if I drive myself, ALWAYS LATE. I just like to take loooong detours... or get lost.
Are you happy with your life for the most part right now?
~I love my life. I may not have everything perfect, but I'm so grateful for what I do have, and all the great people that surround me.
What would be harder, telling someone that you love them or that you don’t?
~Telling them that I don't. It hurts to break someones heart. :(
How big is your bed?
~Full. I could use a bigger bed considering I use the WHOLE thing.
What music are you listening to right now?
~Taylor Swift, "Superstar"
Who was the last person you hugged?
~Mummy! :)
How is the weather right now?
~Very overcast. It's been on and off drizzling. And it's quite cold as well. Pooh.
Are you a different person now than you were 5 years ago?
~Oh, absolutely. I'm much more calm and less worrisome. I've really grown up! :)
Favorite fruit?
~Raspberriessssss... mmm
Do you have a collection of anything?
~Nothing I particularily collect. Although my mummy would beg to differ. I'm got a crap load of stuffed animals from when I was younger.
Have you ever had a crush on a best friend?
~No. I've never been that close to a boy. :)
Would you ever tell a person you have a crush on that you like him?
~If I think the feeling could be mutual, perhaps. :)
Do you consider yourself popular?
~Highschool populars? No. But I do socialize with all of the people at my school. If you mean well known popular? Perhaps.
Have you ever been on a diet?
~Yep. I've always been obssessed with my weight and keeping it down.
Have you ever gotten detention?
~2 lunch detentions... but never afterschool detention.
Do you usually prefer books or movies?
~Movies. Durrrr. But I am a readaholic.
Have you ever written a love letter?
~Lulz no.
Are you a morning person or a night person?
~Party all night! I'm a night owl, and I can't stand getting up before noon. Unless of course there's school... that's a whole other story...
Do you make wishes on shooting stars?
~When I see one, yes. Do I oftenly see them? no.
Celebrity role models?
~Taylor Swift, Oprahhhhh, Fat Amy.
Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
~Great question... probably one of the members of One Direction... Oh god that sounds pitifully weird.
How many piercing do you have?
~Only my ears pierced. I want my belly button pierced.
What is the meanest thing anyone has ever said about you?
~Back in my bad days (if ya know what I mean) someone called me ugly to my face... someone I didn't even know.
What is the best compliment you have ever received?
~That I'm attracting all the guys. x] So nice, but not true.
What does your username mean?
~Lulz. Just a quirky, meaningless username.
Have you ever made a prank phone call?
~Yep. Got in trouble. :(
Have you ever cried during a movie?
~Always. I just can't help it. No matter what.
Do you take the shampoo/conditioner bottles from hotel?
Do you always smile for pictures?
~Yes... unless my parents are taking the picture. Those get annoying.
I tag you all! Good luck!

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