"blackbird fly, blackbird fly. into the light of the dark black night. blackbird singing in the dead of night. take these broken wings and learn to fly. all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise."

{ blackbird / the beatles ]

i forgot to get my computer charger back form my friend today, so i'm stupid. but whatever. it gives me and excuse not to do my homework. c:

so i'll be on my ipod of the most part, just replying to messages. maybe i can get my old laptop to start working . .

anyway this is my taglist set. so like it and if you want anything next to your name, just tell me.
if you're going to be in my taglist, you should follow me if you aren't already.

ella xo

{ i'm gonna borrow @emily-osment-bieber-anon-babe 's taglist one last time ]

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