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I never believed in love until I met him. All the previous times I’ve been in a relationship it always ended up like a trainwreck. Every kiss I’ve had with a boy I’ve never felt any of those envied feelings that people talk about in books, like “sparks” or “butterflies.” I’ve only liked guys, I’ve never truly loved anyone. But just when he talks to me I feel a rush, a tingly sensation that captivates my heart. It’s strange and different, I’ve never felt it before. Adrenaline pumps through my veins and I feel the ultimate high, better than any drug. And then he said to me “I wanna feel the softness of your skin, I wanna hear your heartbeat. I wanna hear how fast it races when I hold your hand and kiss it. I’ll bring you close by your waist, and keep you warm. I’ll tuck you in the covers and tell you a bedtime story with anything you want. I’ll give you the love you’ve been deserving, the love you need. I’ll show you, I’ll show you everything. I love you so much Elaine, I’ll kill for you. I’ll do whatever it takes for your happiness. I’ll make sure you’re safe and loved. I love you Elaine.” That’s when I knew I loved him. I never thought I’d feel like this. I really did not think I’d end up like this. I am in love. I love him. 

♡ M Y L O V E L Y T A G S ; @ginaheartscupcakes @zahn143 @starlightmoon @xoxsavannahxox @xo-palecharlie @jazzychictrends @poppy-kerr @lillyisabanana @nerdychic-xx @its-me-darling @xojenny @mrs-billie-joe-armstrong
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