Little Lion Man // Mumford And Sons.
(For now on, If I remember, the song will be in the set)
Name: Justine ;)
Item: Balenciaga bag
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Set Layout: the regular magazine-ish
I know it will be amazing, and thank you very much Naomi! xo
I didn't put in the Balenciaga bag :(
I couldn't find a silver/grey one that matched!
I'm sorry!
Dear the amazing, super sweet Justine,

For starters, I really hope you love this set. I made it a slight whimsical feel with a high fashion look. For some reason there is animals in this set <3

Anyways, your super nice and an amazing person in general. Your sets are always so amazing, and you keep changing your layouts, each one I always adore. Roleplaying with you is always exciting, as we both love drama! ;D Belle and Mariam might always be enemies, but I hope we are always friends :)

How can I begin on your fabulous stories!? They are always exciting, beautifully written, and you describe everything perfectly. I can imagine Mariam exactly, and what she is doing! You should seriously start writing a book, I'll be the first to buy it and read it! It will surely be a best seller :D

Again, I hope you love this, and I really hope to talk to you again! 

much love;
Naomi <3
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