take back the city - snow patrol

awful set yes. but i needed to get this out here because i haven't had access to a computer in days and I'm already behind! ah!

so here we go !

WHICH blockbuster babe is reportedly romping her way around town, blaming 'sex addiction' for her bed hopping antics? Set to become the female Tiger Woods of the movie industry, the starlet never stays with one guy for more than a week, and she's been passed around young Hollywood like a library book. There aren't many leading men who have escaped her clutches, but we hear that depression is never far behind a sex addiction...
Name: Parker Adams
Age: 22
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Known for: being one of the hottest babes on this season’s blockbuster list, well that and every season. She’s recently gotten the leading roles in horror movies, actions movies and a romantic comedy or two. But when she’s not playing a character on the screen, Parker’s usually the girl in the back alley the girl that everyone comments on how good she was last night. She’s had about everyone, including the boy who claims he’s a virgin.
Model: Jessica Clarke
Taken by: @young-grasshopper 

so you know the drill of friend/enemies/frenemies.
i'm assuming parker might have a few enemies. ahh but I'd love parker to have a best friend too!

hi children.
xx, parker
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