- Little of Your Time // Maroon 5

Serena Daniels; Collab with @sarahstardom

"Where are you taking me?" I hissed over the phone as I lay on my bed, hair hanging over the edge and feet on my pillow. Theo had decided I needed to get out and loosen up or something. I wasn’t sure I agreed to this but knowing Theo if I didn’t she’d just show up here. "I'm not letting you take me to some strip club" I added with a sigh, rolling my eyes even though I knew she wasn’t here. Theo was certainty…more impulsive and free spirited than me. Sometimes, or actually most of the time really, I wondered why I’d put up with her for 3 years and why I still was.

"It's definitely a strip club, oh no, you've destroyed my master plan" She said, voice dripping with sarcasm before she started laughing almost hysterically. I didn’t understand what about that was funny. 

"Don't be a b*tch" I scoffed. "But, in all honesty, fess up” I tried again. I hated, as in absolutely loathed not being in control of situations. Which was precisely why friendship with Theo was one of my stupidest ideas ever.

 "No, I'll pick you up at nine and wear something comfortable, no seven foot stilettos" She said incredibly cheerfully, hanging up before I had a chance to protest. Whatever, I would go with her but only because Daddy was being overbearingly stupid again. Plus anywhere she wanted to go he’d hate, so that was always a good reason to go out with her. Plus I wanted her opinion on the whole Jason situation, not that’d I’d listen to her advice - it’d probably be stupid anyway.

I showered and dressed, choosing 4.5 inch heels instead of 7. Theo couldn’t say I never listened to her or did what she said.

“Hey,” I knocked on Savannah’s door as I was heading out, “I’m going out. Can you cover for dad with me?”

She looked up from the books she was reading - studying for school I supposed even though it was summer, and looked me up and down, not commenting on the dress I was sure she disapproved of. Sometimes I bet people thought she was the older one. “Why do you want me to cover with dad?” She asked skeptically, “Isn’t the whole point of this to see how far you can push him.”

“So?” I shrugged, leaning against the door frame.

“So to see how far you can push him he needs to know what you’re doing,” She pointed out, complete with an eye roll “Which means you need to get caught.”

“Yea, but if I want a party here on Saturday I have to not push to hard.” I told her because duh I wasn’t completely stupid.

“You could never go to far in dad’s eyes.” She told me matter-of-factly not at all resentfully like Sebastian usually was.

“Whatever.” I pushed myself off the door frame, “Just cover for me. Thanks sweetie.” I called over my shoulder as I headed out down the hall.

 "Where are we?" I asked, peering through the window of Theo crappy car. Actually it was beyond crappy it was frankly disgusting. The place looked it as well with barely dressed sluts with hipster try hard haircuts walking past. This was Theo’s scene? Really my opinion of her had just dropped "I won't be caught dead in there" I exclaimed, leaning back and buckling myself back in. Honestly I wouldn’t usually be caught dead in a car like this so she was lucky I tolerated her.

"Don't be a p*ssy" She exclaimed turning the engine off. She then preceded to lean over and unbuckle me before getting out. I refused to get out, crossing my arms though not re-buckling myself. A second later she threw my door open and grabbed my arm pulling me out not at all gently. Well this was not the way I wanted to spend my night. Perhaps I’d have been better off if daddy had caught me. "You have no right to complain, I'm bringing you here to have a good time" she spoke, as she locked the car and headed toward the club.

"It seems like you're bringing me here to be abducted or something!" I whined, heels clacking as I hurried after her.

“Yes that’s my exact plan, how did you know.” She rolled her eyes at me as we got closer and closer. I eyed the place with apprehension. Sure I was up for anything but this place looked dirty.

“You need a new comeback, I hope you know that.” I sniffed. I knew if Daddy ever found out I was here he would have a heart attack. That was pretty much the sole reason I followed Theo past the bouncer into the club. Actually it looked like most places I’d been except dirtier and with craper music.

“Whatever princess.” She said as she led me straight to the bar. Was her plan to get me completely drunk or something. She ordered me a drink, and one for herself obviously, as she looked out over everyone, “So how’s the plan to seduce the one you can’t have coming?” She asked teasingly after we’d both had a few drinks.

“Terribly.” I pouted, relaying my seduction attempts from the other day. The whole time I was telling her she looked like she was suppressing laughter but she kindly waited till I was finished to start giggling.

“Whats so funny?” I asked crossing my arms and fixing her with an evil eye.

“I’m sorry,” she continued to giggle clearly not sorry, “it’s just I can’t believe you ever thought it was going to work.”

“Why not?” I asked, because seriously like she could do any better.

“You’re trying to seduce a married men with daughters,” She pointed out like I was stupid when she’d finally calmed down, “With the princess act.”

“It worked on everyone else. Ever.” I told her defensively with a flick of my hair.

“Well yes, but everyone else doesn’t have little girls they dote on,” She rolled her eyes at me as she sipped on her drink. “You played the little girl act on a father.” She said, and at my blank look she sighed before spelling it out for me “Clearly he’s not going to sleep with you if you remind him of his daughters.”

“Oh,” I said, and she had a point. “I didn’t know he had daughters though.” I whined trying to defend myself. And the little girl act had worked on men before.

“Now you do just change your strategy.” She shrugged, pushing yet another drink towards me. I’d had more than enough though thank you.

“Fine. I will. Something new will be fun I guess.” I said, gulping the drink despite my better judgement. Fun would probably be an overstatement.

“Exactly. Which is why you should come dance with me,” She smiled brightly at me as she jumped off her stool and grabbed my wrist pulling me into the crowd to dance. And I did. Well shit I was officially buzzed and out of control.

I’d put up with it for tonight though never again. Theo was just lucky I didn’t hate her.
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Wrote 4 years ago
(i love her. she's flawless)

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Lovely sets u have ! Love 'm !



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