♬ write a song, make a note. for the lump that sits inside your throat. change the locks, change the scene. change it all but can't change what we've been. your trojan's in my head... ♪

▬ trojans ✺ atlas genius ▬ ♥
► if this set gets 1OO likes i will show you guise my face because i told @acaciatho i would. i'm nervous tho idfk.

► i'm actually so so so proud of this set. and i love this song. when i first heard it i was like wtf is this about condoms or something like wat trojan's in your head ew. but then i looked up the lyrics and was like dayum this my jam now. ok, ok.

▬ miley's links // HEY DO THIS ▬ ♥
► i'm here to be a shoulder to cry on, a big sister with advice, etc. i'll help you here. [ its like an anonymous help thing. ) ;; http://www.thiscrush.com/~askmileyr4y
► want to give me advice on how to be a better anon or tell me how much you love me? lolno, just keep it nice tho. ;; 
▬ about that taglist . . . ▬ ♥
► so yeah, it's not done yet. i'm sorry, i've been pretty busy and i probably won't finish it for a week or two since i have midterms coming up. sorry about that. and if you want to use my tags, that's fine too. just don't credit someone else el oh el. that sounds random but in the past this girl stole my tags // all // the time and credited someone else like ok?? preferably be my friend to use them too. ew i sound annoying, sorry again. cx 
► shoutout's will be coming up shortly, i'm sorry for the hold - up.
this has been mileyr4y. ▬ ♥
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