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Holly Alexander; November 18
Collab with @kkeerry

So Evie was like officially the best friend on the planet. We were currently on the way to some park I’d never heard of to meet up with her extremely fit brother to play soccer. My ice-skating talent had never been more useful before in my life.

“Before we actually do this,” Evie asked me as she gave me directions to this park because I was always the one driving in this house, “Please tell me you can actually play soccer.”

“Of course I can play soccer.” I scoffed, a hair flip would perfectly punctuate this moment actually but seeing as I was driving an eye-roll had to suffice, “I already told you.”

“You could have been lying.” She pointed out. I so didn’t lie unless it was to get something I really wanted or to deny I’d done something wrong, “So you could see Benny again.”

“Please we could have just watched or something.” I said, pulling into the little carpark at the side of the park. I could see over near the goalposts a group of boys, so you know assuming I was in the right place. This was exactly what I needed, Logan could go get stuffed in New York.

“I know you’re serious.” She sighed as we climbed out of the car, “Because you’re not wearing heels.”

“See, just showing you how committed I am to this,” I fluttered my eyelashes. I committed to nothing ever and I wasn’t planning on changing that now, “I wouldn’t forgo my babies for just anyone.”

“I’m not sure whether to be reassured by that or just question your sanity.” Evie said as we approached the group of boys.

I pretended to think about it for a minute before nodding solemnly. “Why can’t we have both?” I asked cheekily before humming the annoying ass music from the taco commercial. 

"Stop humming the taco bell song." She demanded all snappy and mean. And why the hell was she going on about Taco Bell? I mean really, come on it didn’t even exist here. Though I suppose I didn’t know what the company was either.

"Don't be such a fun sucker." I teased her, rolling my eyes and everything. "It won't be a fun day if you go around sucking everyone's fun." Which okay was not even a valid insult but it seemed to annoy her some which counted as a win.

Today must have been my super lucky day because Benny called out before Evie could respond. I loved getting the last word “Evie!” as we approached before turning his attention to me "Holly!" He called this time with a bright smile on his face. Boys who looked cute when smiling were always there best.

"Why did you get a smile?" Evie muttered as she crossed her arms, "I'm his sister." Someone sounded disgruntled

"Because i'm not a fun sucker." I replied with a smirk, because well being called a fun sucker really seemed to annoy her some.

"Hey." He smiled again once we finally you know were closer than shouting distance to the group of boys. "Happy you both could come." He added his eyes meeting mine and not leaving them. He actually had the most gorgeous blue eyes and I’d never noticed before.

"Are we going to play or are we going to watch you two stare at each other all day?" One of the other guys there said. Like that would be a bad thing, I would be perfectly content to do so.

"Are you two actually playing or just watching?" Benny asked a small smirk forming on his face. Ohhh I would show him! 

"Playing." Evie snatched the ball from him with a scoff, clearly as ready to prove herself as I was.

“Defiantly playing.” I chirped with a bright grin.

“Oh yeah?” Benny raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“What? Is that surprising or something?” I leant towards him, looking up from below my lashes.

“Actually yes.” He grinned back. He was super cute but when he smiled he was like beyond cute. He was defiantly worth going after, even before the ‘annoying Evie’ factor was thrown in.

“Well then there’s a lot of things for you to learn about me.” I winked at him, ignoring Evie’s mutterings of “gag me” coming from next to me.

“I look forward to it.” He returned, all charm and flirtation. The boy could give as good as he took, something Logan could never do.

“So” I smiled turning my attention away from Benny to snatch the ball from Evie’s hands, “What are the teams then?”


“You are actually ridiculous.” Evie muttered to me as we sat off to the side watching the boys. We had been playing but then apparently the boys had decided having me and Benny on the same time was unfair or something, so now me and Evie were sitting off to the side watching.

“Why?” I asked, kinda curious but not willing to take my eyes off her brother.

“You could have just played for the other team.” I bet she was rolling her eyes. I glanced over at her out the corner of my eye, I was right.

“Such aggressive competitiveness is not good for the budding stages of any flirtation.” I told her matter of factly. Besides from here I could actually pay 100% attention to her brother getting or physical and sweaty.

"I think you two are way past the stages of flirtation." She said dryly with another roll of her eyes. Really people should do that less often. "I'm sure all you have to do is make him an offer he can't refuse." She said teasingly before seeming to remember she was talking about her brother and shuddering. I had to try really hard to repress a giggle.

"Like inviting him back to the house." I stated, which was a terrible line "To have a little sleepover in my room." I added a wink for extra effect just to freak Evie out. Bringing someone back to the house for that would just never happen. Like ever.

"You're gross." She pushed me gently which actually meant she wasn’t that freaked out. "That's not what i meant at all." She added, like I hadn’t known that or something.

"What did you mean then?" I asked with a pout, returning my gaze to Benny because he was much better to look at.

"Nothing." She sighed, out the corner of my eyes I caught her throwing her hands into the air. And I was the melodramatic drama queen of the house?

"When do you think they're going to be done?" I whined, when it became clear she was done talking "While i do enjoy the view, i didn't come here to sit." I absent-mindedly wrapped a strand of hair around my finger “I’m bored." I added helpfully, as if Evie hadn’t already realised.

"I couldn't tell." She said sarcastically. Sarcasm was the lower form of wit. "They're coming now, so stop whining." She added, jumping up off the ground like it was burning her or something.

Low and behold she was right. "Did you enjoy the game?" Benny smiled at us, making his way straight towards us. Or towards me I would like to think. 

"It was great, you guys were great." Evie answered before I had the chance. Reaching down to help me up she added "But we really need to get going now." Before I had the chance to say anything. It wasn’t fair, I didn’t want to leave.

"No we don't." I cut her off quickly, with a smile for Benny "Well maybe you do." I muttered to Evie. Because actually yeah, doing anything with Evie there would be beyond weird.

“Fine.” She stomped her foot for effect. Can it just be noted Evie should be the dramatic one not me, like really truly she deserved that reputation “Give me the car keys then." She demanded, sticking out her hands for them “You can stay and do whatever with Benny." 

 "How will i get back to the house?" I questioned, pulling the keys out of my bag but not ready to hand them over quite yet.

"Benny has a car." She rolled her eyes. Which I knew but being presumptuous before even going on a date was a no no. 

"Yeah, i'll take you back home afterwards." Benny smiled, at me and yeah okay she could have the keys 100 times over "I was going to ask you to do something after the game anyway." 

"Here." I threw the cars in her general direction "I'll see you later." I waved her off before turning my attention completely towards Benny

“So where to?” He asked charmingly, sticking out and arm for me. Which was cute and not something I would usually tolerate but he was doing it in such a cheeky way I couldn’t help but slip my arm through his.

“I don’t know.” I cocked my head to look up at him, “You asked me, shouldn’t you already know?”

“So you’re an indecisive one then?” He teased me. Which actually yeah, but most people didn’t really realize that, “I’ll remember that in the future.”

“Hey, hey.” I teased him, as we made our way to where I assumed his car was, “Let’s just see how much you impress me today romeo.”

“Oh don’t worry.” He leant down to whisper, which actually was kinda sexy, “You’ll be more than impressed.”

Oh yes. I liked him already.
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