Song || Airplane by Plain White T's
"And then I'll fly so high across the sky, awake in a new place, where mistakes of my past are erased"
I adore this song. Very beautiful guitar tablature as the Plain White T's always produce. Now I need to go and grab my copy of this record of the shelves :)

Okay, so the next two weeks, I have some exams so I probably won't come on Polyvore at all. If you know me, you'll know that I freak out at the thought of exams which never fail to put tremendous amount of pressure on me, and in extension my parents.

While I've been revising I've been listening to one of my new albums I've just bought which is "Paper Airplanes" by Allison Krauss and Union Station. It's really helping me revise for some reason, I don't know if it's the relaxing music or just because I love bluegrass/country style music. Either way, I think I owe any good grades I get to that album haha :D
(Not even kidding..)

Michael McIntyre - one of my two favourtie comedians.
He's a comedian that doesn't need to do dirty jokes to be funny. That's what makes him so good. Enjoy just a few of my favourite jokes that I can remember from him:

“I’ve got a little baby, I made him. He doesn’t speak, he’s 2. He’s a slow learner, he’s only got 2 words, car and map. I’m slightly worried he’s trying to escape. If his next word is passport we are in serious trouble!”

"'So which one's yours?' Well you can't argue with that as a start to a conversation at a play group, but I was trying to be funny and didn't think it through and it was a complete and utter accident and I just went 'None of them' and as soon as I said it I was like 'No no no no!' When I said it I didn't realize I was going 'I'm a paedophile' obviously I was asked to urm" -- Talking about taking his son to playgroup/nursery.

“Normally you have news, weather and travel but not on snow day, on snow day news is weather is travel.”

"Now, this is the third time I've performed at the Royal Variety and, no offence to you of course, but each time I have performed for you and not your mother. I have to ask - is your mother avoiding me?" -- Talking to Prince Charles about the Queen at the Royal Variety Show 2010.
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