Wednesday; It's time to go back to Neverland and never grow up because the feature movie on the greens tonight is Hook.
Wear; Your style

((sorry for the crap story, it's finals week and I'm crazy busy))

I looked down at the green and saw many groups of people all seated in front of the large screen. I spotted the person I wanted to, and started walking towards Paige. When I walked next to her she looked up at my arrival.
"Hey." she said patting the spot next to her.
"Hi." I said sitting next to her. We were quiet as the beginning credits rolled by, until Paige spoke.
"This is just so crazy." she said shaking her head and fiddling with the edge of her shirt.
"Huh?" I said having no idea where that came from.
"All these people dying! Every week someone dies, and I hate it. Whoever is doing this needs to be in jail or something." She finished giving me worried eyes.
"I know, I'm starting to get really scared. I don't want to be next. I don't want anyone to be next." I said looking down at my hands, in fact I was starting to have nightmares.
"Me either." Paige said looking back up at the screen which showed Peter's son playing baseball.
"Lets just forget about it for now."I said giving her a weak smile. She nodded solemnly in response. But for the rest of the movie, it was all I could think about, and by the look on Paige's face she was too. There just are some things, that can never really leave you consciousness.
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