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Well, today at school was fine.

I just feel sad right now for many reasons.

I feel like no one thinks I'm pretty (and I'm not saying that to be an attention whore) but I mean, I know that's not true.
I'm not trying to be braggy, but I mean, people tell me I'm pretty.

But I have this effing pallet expander (it's this thing that goes in the top of you mouth and expands your mouth for braces an such) and now I have a huge gap between my front teeth. 

it looks like this:

no joke. And I got a lisp from it.

And I kept joking about it. But now people are actually making fun of me for it.

I mean, 2 minutes ago my brother just said something about it and compared me to a shark.

And I just with a random stranger would tell me I was pretty. I mean, that would just make my day.

I probably sound desperate, but seriously, I'm just sad of not being happy when I look in the mirror.

It's not to the degree where I want to cut myself, or starve myself or any of that shiz.

I just want to feel okay.

And I feel like whenever I pray to God about something like a friend or something. I get the opposite.
It feels like God's just testing me, but I'm sick of the tests.

I just want to have someone to be my friend.

My friends from middle school (some I go to high school with) decided to hang out. I live 5 minutes down the road. And a phone call or text is too hard to ask if I want to hang out with them.

I'm sorry if you hate me because I'm ranting.

You don't have to care. And no one is probably even reading this.

I just really need a hug. *sigh*

George, my British friend, knows this girl who he had a crush on. He totally ruined it though, he didn't say how. But they still talk, and I'm glad. I hope things work out for them. His friend is very sweet.

I mean, if I lived in England, I would totally be jealous. But sense I live in Florida, it doesn't really make sense for me to be jealous.

I wish I had a George here in Florida, a guy friend.

UGH. I'm sick of wishing. *sigh*

I know you probably don't care and aren't reading this.

By the way, I think I'm just going to delete @camiiii-can-blog cuz I like blogging on here more.
People look at these sets more.

So yeah.

{first world effing problems}

Okay, bye.
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