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"Tell him that…" I sigh, scribbling the costs down on my monogrammed stationary, ripping the note off and examining it. We were going way over budget for this wedding. Ugh. Why did people have to hire me to do their dirty work? Especially when they couldn't afford the costs for a quality wedding? They may as well go down to the god dam.ned courthouse at this point!
Frustrated I sigh again, "We'll work something else out, okay? Relax, we'll get this all done in time. I have to go, actually," I glance at the clock. "I have another customer," I lie, hanging up the office phone and burying my head in my hands. I did not have another customer, rather I was too flustered with my current one to even bother taking on another one. I was stressed, my shoulders and back tied in far too many knots, my head spinning with the thoughts of my current dilemma, my normally flawless nails were bitten and chipped thanks to nerves. How I needed a break, a vacation, or for somehow this to all be over and taken care of magically. 

"Someone's working hard," Thiago says, following by knocking twice on my doorframe. "Knock, knock," He announces before walking into my office. 

"I love when people do that…" I roll my eyes, "Knock when they're already in the room," I say, obviously annoyed. "And what are you doing here? I told you not to visit me at work!"

"Well, why not, is my question?" He asks, raising a bushy brow and coming over to my desk, taking a seat on the empty corner. 

My mouth drops in shock, who the he.ll did he think he was? Sure he and I were a thing, but that didn't make it alright for him to sit on my desk! "Shoo, shoo!" I whisk him off, trying to push him, but he stands his ground. 

"Yet again, I ask, why?" He looks at me with a puppy dog pout and I roll my eyes, suddenly eager for him to leave. This was the main reason I didn't do romance. I couldn't tolerate people long enough until they began to work every single nerve in my body. Doing the simplest things, too! Things like leaving crumbs, touching my stuff, or, I know! Sitting. On. My. Desk. 

"First of all," I sigh, "You're not supposed to be visiting me at work because my employees will see you, and secondly, you're not supposed to be sitting on my desk because I just cleaned and I'd rather not have your DNA all over it."

Thiago looks at the piles of folders, binders, and receipts on my desk, each in organized piles of course. "Oh yeah, you sure cleaned alright," He rolls his eyes. 

"That's another reason you shouldn't be here- I don't need /you/ of all people criticizing my office!" I scoff, standing up from my chair. "Now, go, get out, I'll see you later anyway!"

"Oh come on, you're so uptight," His arms reach out and grab my waist, one hand suddenly cupping my as.s. "Loosen up a little."

"I'm at work, for God's sake. I don't need to loosen up a little! I can't afford to!" I bark, clearly irritated. I just wanted him out of here. I wanted him gone. 
But suddenly as his lips found their way, grazing my neck, everything else melted away, his soft lips and rough bites were all I could feel, all I could think of. Maybe it wasn't so bad having him here after all. 

"Now you want me to stay, don't you?" Thiago mutters mid-bite, laughing lightly. 

"Shut up," I say, closing my eyes as his lips continued to do what they did best, traveling north up to my lips. My lips were crashed against his in suddenly a passionate kiss, my hands reaching up to cup his face. Maybe this was exactly what I needed right now. Screw working, I surely put in enough hours. That stupid broke bride could solve the problem herself. 
His hands on my as.s eased up my skirt gently, just as his lips opened up and I wandered inside, an eruption of pleasure, of butterflies, of goodness exploding inside of me. It was different from anything before, from the other flings. Thiago was persistent, he didn't take no for an answer, but he was also just so funny, sweet, and he drove me up the wall with his many annoying ticks. He was the last guy I imagined myself ending up with, but here I was. 

I'd kept this entire fling going on for so long though. After the summer ended, I thought we would too. But surprisingly, we didn't. I don't know why I kept him around. I wasn't sure what prompted me to, but something, like an invisible string tied to my heart, it kept tugging and tugging, and suddenly I was too scared to break it off, cut it loose. 
The string was feelings, feelings laced with want, with need, with dependency and comfort. This would usually be the time that I'd break things off, but this time, I had let it go on for too long. It was scary, I wasn't going to lie. And few things scared me, but the thing that scared me the most were these feelings, especially feelings so strong. 

"Admit it," Thiago pulls out, his lips going back down my cheek, to my jawline and neck until finally he opened my blazer a bit more and exposed my collarbones. "You like having me here… you don't want me to go… the only reason you didn't want me here was because you didn't want to be seduced in your office." He chuckles and I shake my head. 

"Shut up, or else I'm telling security to never let you in again." I warn.

"You know I'm right."

"Shut up, Thiago," 

"Um, Nala?" Diane's voice breaks us and I push Thiago off of me, knocking him off my desk, only to see my sweet employee Diane standing in my doorway, waiting for me. How long had she been standing there?

"Diane!" I smooth my skirt, wiping my lips with the back of my hand, clearing my throat, "What do you need?"

"Well, I can see you have a visitor. Perhaps I should come back later?" She raises an eyebrow, somewhat suggestively. 

"Um, no, Thiago was just leaving, right?" I look at him and he nods at me, slipping out the door past Diane. "And keep up that tone and you'll be the next to go," I warn Diane as she wanders inside of my office, sitting in the chair as I make myself comfortable behind my desk, my heart still pounding loudly from the encounter.

She smirks, "So… Thiago," She raises both her eyebrows this time, looking at me while opening up the slim binder she had been carrying. "New fling of the week? I knew you had someone. I knew it. But gosh, I didn't suspect a guy like him."

"A guy like him?" I question just as she hands the binder over to me and I flip through the pages, the inspiration book for our next wedding, this one set next summer. "What do you mean by that?" I grab a sticky note and a pen, and begin scribbling down notes and attaching it to the pictures pasted. 

"He just… doesn't look like your type, you know? How long have you been with him?" She glances at me, inspecting me, "Wait, what's wrong with those flowers?" She looks at my crossed out bouquet of outdated peonies. Yuck. 

"Are we at a wedding or an old lady's bed and breakfast?" I question before answering with a nonchalant shrug, "Just… I don't know, a few months, maybe?"

"Months?" She gasps. 

"Yes, months," I look up at her, peering at her shocked face, "Is that so surprising?"

"Uh, yes!" She shrieks. "You've never had someone this long. You've never had someone come and visit you at work for goodness sake! Things must be getting pretty serious, right?" 

I shake my head, "No, not at all. Hey, who the he.ll picked these appetizers? Has our catering company really stooped that low?" I ramble.

"Stay on focus here, Nala, come on, how are things not serious? Do you think you're going to want to keep him?"

"Keep him? Are we talking about a guy I'm having a fling with or a lost puppy?" 

"Can you stop being sarcastic for five seconds, we're talking about serious stuff here!"

"Serious stuff?" I scoff. "Please, we;re talking about my love life- it's not that serious."

"So… things aren't serious between the two of you?"

I shrug, letting out a sigh, "No… why?"

Now it's her turn to shrug , "Then why are you keeping him? Do you think things are going to get serious?"

"Can we not talk about this?" I slam the binder shut, startling her. Between my own suddenly confused feelings and her accusations and questions, I was getting pretty irritated. It was bad enough my own heart seemed to be turning on me, but now I had an employee bugging into my love life? 
I couldn't take it. 
I had to figure something out. I had to rebuild those walls around my heart, the ones that must've crumbled down when I wasn't looking. I had to fix things. 
I couldn't let myself let someone get this close to me. It couldn't happen. 

"I'm sorry," Diane says quietly and I slide the binder over, giving a whisk of the hand to let her know that her job is done and that she can go. She slips out quietly and I find myself burying my head in my hands. 
What to do now?

If someone like her was almost catching on, then what must Thiago think? I had to make things clear with him. Either break things off or start distancing myself. I needed something. Something to make my heart that used to be so ice cold freeze again, something to loosen those strings, something to take out that flame burning deep within.
But what could I do? Controlling feelings was always a problem, hence why I cut things short and sweet. But now here I was, diving headfirst, falling off a cliff, chords cut. 

I couldn't do anything. 
And this was how I found myself crying, utterly and completely helpless, alone in my office, with nobody but myself for once, nobody but my feelings, my worst enemy.
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