This might be the most interesting and odd roleplay I have joined. I've already bonded with this character.

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♡ Katarina Galatzina; 17 
(if you know whose alias this is message me because we need to be friends. 
but don’t google it because it’s a huge spoiler)
"The girl who made the worst mistake of all"
bio: No one understands how Katarina Galatzina ended up in Bakersfield, least of all her. The long legged Russian beauty suddenly appeared out of nowhere one day, with a bleeding bullet hole in her chest. She said, in broken English, that she was only eight. And so she was saved, raised to be a Bakersfield girl, quiet and unquestioning. Her English grew to be perfect. She was held as the prodigy of the highest ranked wives, learning the skills essential to her time at Bakersfield- cooking, cleaning, sewing. And then, she tried to leave. She was one of the only girls she knew to have seen the outside world, and know that something was wrong with her adoptive family. She had lay quiet for years, in fear of what would happen if she said something. And so, without warning, she packed a tiny supply bag and escaped. She made it barely four miles before collapsing from exhaustion. When she woke up she was back in the home she had left, and there was a diamond glinting on her finger. She had been promised as punishment for her leaving. 
And she was now broken to their will.
reason for suicide: her engagement 
model: milou sluis
taken by: @volonte

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Really the choice is only yours.
I doubt anything I say here will affect it.
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