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Stella Bancroft // TIG

There will be a formal dinner for the ladies at Parc, the french restaurant. It's invite only and yes, a plus one is allowed for this half of the weekend.
"That's it?" I asked, weighing the small plastic bag in my hand. It couldn't be more than a half ounce. I stared up at him with a look of disgust before pulling out my wallet. "Fine, I guess." 

Doherty sighed. "Yeah, sorry it's not up to your standards, like you actually know your s.hit. Anyway it's from the personal collection of yours truly so put your money away." He pushed away my open wallet, looking adamant in his decision before cracking a wry smile.

"Well thank you, I appreciate it. I guess it will have to do. Sorry for the short notice." I looked around, before shoving it into my coat pocket.

It's not like we were open in public or anything, we were sitting in his parked car outside a motel I asked to meet him at. It was a busy night last night and I had committed to my plan to seduce, or rather simply make myself available to, the great Alec Van Der Smith so his b.itchy little sister can get off my back and know who she's messing with. Anyway, what college student doesn't love s.ex and drugs? So I decided to have Doherty give me a few goodies but I was ultimately disappointed. It was just half an ounce of weed and a half empty bottle of Oxy that I had found in my medicine cabinet as a result of my mother's plastic surgery to realign her nostrils. 

"Tell me about it. You hit me on a really bad weekend, too." He muttered, trying to make up excuses for his poor business. 

"Right, I'm sure the new year is a really busy time for you." I snorted, fixing my hair in his mirror.

 He rolled his eyes. "You'd be surprised."

I turned to him and angled my shoulders around, fluffing up my curled hair. I had it professionally done and it came out just right. The lady insisted on loose barrel curls along I had wanted Old Hollywood ringlets, but we compromised somewhere along the lines. I had my makeup done up with my favorite deep charcoal eyeliner and a brush of peach lipstick. I was ready to go, though I admit it did feel weird. I wasn't doing this for money, just a personal vendetta. 

"How do I look?" 

Doherty's eyes followed from the top of face all the way down to my top, with plenty of visible cleavage peeking through, tastefully done of course with the sheer overlay of the top giving me that Ivy Girl class. He grinned. "You look good, Stella. Are you going to tell me why? A new date?"

I laughed, almost painfully. "I guess you could say that." I felt a vibration from my clutch and dug out my iPhone.

MANDY: Where are u, S? We're almost at the dinner!

What? The Ivy Girls transportation wasn't supposed to leave for another hour, how could they be there yet? It's always the same drivers and everything, I don't see how they could miss one of the girls being excluded. The lists of attendees are always put together properly by Cat...Cat. Oh. That makes sense. Well, I had to get there soon. Alec was suppose to meet me there and I told him I'd be arriving with all the other girls.

"S.hit," I murmured under my breath. "Doherty, I did one more favor."

"What is it now?" He groaned.

"Do you like French food?" 


We arrived on time, more or less, and I was able to catch up with the girls. I told Doherty he was welcome to stay, but he said it wasn't his crowd and drove off. Not before talking to some guy, though and shaking hands in one of those "guy" ways, so I was assuming it was his close friend. Most of the girls were intertwined with their plus ones, walking around with champagne and chatting. I had found Alec and wanted to get some time alone with him. Unfortunately, I ran into some obstacles, namely his sister who looked at me sweetly as if she had no idea that I had accidentally been left off the list. She was shooting daggers with her eyes at me, naturally, and was talking to the same guy that Doherty was. I suppose it was a small world. 

During the interlude of cocktail hour and small appetizers being served, I managed to sneak off with Alec to the remote emergency exit out back near the kitchen. Not before, however, making eye contact with Mandy who looked slightly sad during the evening, but I shook it off. I would have some girl time with her later to talk about it and try to be somewhat of a good friend to her. 

"So, what's those party favors you were texting me about?" Alec asked, sliding on the railing. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes, placing one between his lips and cupped his hands as he lite up. 

"Right here. How could I forgot them, they're basically the only way I'm going to survive this tonight." I giggled. I whipped out my purse and held up the little plastic baggie and orange pill bottle. "Pick your poison. Small favors, of course. You're going to have to work for the good stuff." 

He smirked, amused at the thought of actually working to get something he wanted. He analyzed the bottle before nodding and screwing open the child safety lock lid. "Anything to wash it down?"

"Way ahead of you." I smiled, unscrewing the cap to my wonderful and life saving flask of Smirnoff I kept in my bag. I handed it to him and he popped a few pills in his mouth like they were tic tacs. He passed the flask back to me. 

I pressed up against the railing next to him, sticking out my bottom and slurping down a few gulps from my flask. I would need to be slightly intoxicated for this hookup to actually happen. I always was better when I was relaxed.

"None for you, Stella? C'mon, I thought you were a party girl." Alec mocked, nudging me.

I looked down at the bottle. Believe it or not, I really wasn't that much of a party girl. I mean, sure, I liked to have some fruity drinks once in a while as Cat so nicely pointed out to me and I'm sexually active, but I didn't do drugs. Only weed once but that was in high school during my experimental phase when I chopped my hair off and wore black chokers. 

Two couldn't hurt, right? I guess I would find out.

I laughed, biting down on my lip, making sure to press down my long eyelashes. "Of course I am." I tossed back the two white pills with a swig of the booze, letting it run down the neck of my throat.

 It was warm, running from the nape of my neck to my toes. I smiled, propping myself up in front of Alec. My hand lingered on the railing, trailing slowly over to him. It crawled on to his leg, sliding lower and lower. I knew how men thought and what they thought about. It didn't matter if Alec had ever liked me in that way or if he even thought meeting him tonight would lead to this. The idea was planted and now, I guarantee you, all he's thinking about is undressing me. I came close to his face, letting my soft breath hit the side of his face. I could feel his tantalizing gaze, his hand ready to glide over my skirt. 

"Let's go inside." I whispered.

I wasn't going to give it up that easy, I just might enjoy this game.

x, S

[ I know The Ivy Girls is basically dead but I still wanted to publish this story since I had a story line all planned out for Stella. I know it took me forever and I'm really sorry about that! Tagging just the people included: @lexi-is-swag @koolkid4ever ]
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