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Top set in (26/07/2013), thanks so much <3 @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial
Top story, thanks again so much!!

So i was tagged by the super amazing @emc1397 :)

1.) Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?
Read the book and then watch the movie, but yeah books are always better xD
2.) Gelato or ice cream?
Ice cream!!
3.) Are you organized? (Be honest!)
Not at all lol, im very desorganized 
4.) How long have you been on Polyvore?
For a year :D
5.) What is one food you really HATE?
I really dont know, i love food :D
6.) Have you ever been to an art museum?
Yes i have 
7.) How many times have you traveled out of your country?
2 times, but it was to spain which is the closest country to portugal but yeah -.-
8.) What language would you like to learn?
Japanese xD
9.) Favorite "old" song? (One that isn't popular right now)
Damn, most of my favourite songs are old, but i would have to choose Live forever by oasis 
10.) Do you like Polyvore's new layout??

My questions:

1.What is your favourite accessory?
2.What are 3 things you would take to a desert island?
3.Who was the las person who you texted?
4. Do you prefer the pool or the beach?
5.What is your favourite sport?
6.What do you like more, the day or the night?
7.What is an ideal day for you?
8.What is your biggest quality?
9.If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?
10.Who are some of the persons here on polyvore you would like to meet personally?

Rules: answer this questions, make up your own 10 questions and then tag 10 persons and me, so that way i an see what you answered. You dont have to do this if you dont want to its just for fun!

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