8.35 P.M.

Wishing that today is still Sunday and everyday is a weekend, life would be so lovely. Loving the blue on this set, especially the iphone's case, it's like a comfortable and strong blue, but somehow that blue is kinda pathetic. okay that's weird.

Decided to put some date and time to my description, so it will be like an online diary then lololol. 

well, it's the first time my sister take a bus by herself. you know, we never take buses by ourselves unless we're with parents. you know right, Jakarta, polution? traffic jams? flood? It would definitely be a big lie if you say no. that is why we never take buses, well due to its safety too. 

okay, back to the first. it's the first time my sister took a bus to the university. finally, she's graduating her school, going to deal with university. she's taking a bachelor degree in biotechnology. well, it's a great faculty too, but i prefer to take a medical class. but why do i feel like im burdening my parents since i wanna be a doctor? although my parents approve me to be a doctor and supports me...

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