this story has no point! like really pointless.

aria cohen;;

no event.

"How is it that i still have to pay for your shit?" Leo said as we walked out of The Duck and Bunny. My favourite store in Providence.

I shrugged "Force of habit?" I said grinning over at him. "How was your first week back at RISD?" I asked as we found a table outside.

"Not that much different from last year." He said taking a sip of his coffee. I wrinkled my nose up i could smell it already. 

"Do you have to drink that." I said glaring at the coffee slightly "And did you have to show the new students around , I remember last year when you had to. You were ready to kill me just for being the same age as those kids."

"Yes i do have to drink it Aria , Coffee is like oxygen for me." Leo said taking another sip just to prove a point. "And unfortunately.This year it was full of wannabe hipster who think they are the coolest thing since Andy Warhole and black rimmed glasses."

"That is incredible unhealthy." I said nudging to the coffee. "Sounds fun." I said with an eye roll ."You must be so proud."

"So is the cupcake your eating." Leo said with a ha! kinda look."I suppose it could be worse i could have to go to Brown." 

"Shut up" I said looking down at my cupcake. "Cupcakes are never unhealthy and i'm not even going into that with you. It's bad enough i have to hear about Yale from Brody." I said with an eye roll. How good could a school be if it has a Bulldog as a mascot.

"I'm surprised you still talk to him , this time last year you couldn't stand the sight of him which is odd considering your twins."

"Yes i obviously got the brains , the looks and the awesome." I said proudly. "How is living with Summer going? Has mum and dad came to visit yet?"

"If our parents came to you really think you would remain unscarred?" Leo said shaking his head. "Point made." I said, I was dreading the day my parents would visit me. Not that i didn't love them , I just can't imagine them in my college life.

"And life with Summer? Your life isn't going to end up like 500 days of Summer which is great movie and i would be the awesome sister but i am just to lazy to here you whining." I said , I remembered when he broke up with his high school girlfriend , It was all about Death Cab For Cutie and listening to The End of Road by Boyz II Men.

"It's fine , pretty much like when we lived on campus but in an apartment and together." Leo said bluntly. "How is soriorty life , Nice to see your not dressed in full pink."

"Please don't tell me all you think i do is wear pink , listen to One Direction and have parties." I said offended.

"You do listen to One Direction and i'm pretty sure i've seen party pics on your instagram already." 

"That is beside the point." i said "I just don't do that."

"No i forget sometimes you listen to good music as well."

"Oh haha.You are no longer my favourite brother."

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