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rachel dawes (collab with cutie @spacelava:3)

Stuck inside the elevator, waiting to reach the 23rd floor of the wayne enterprises building, i had, for the first time during the whole day, the chance to take a deep breath and have some rest. i had spent the whole day with my head sank inside the joker's brief, trying to learn something more about him, unluckily without success. now here i was, standing still into a crowded car full of middle aged bussiness men, directed to bruce's himself office for an /appointment/. he had promised me a coffee and i longed for it so badly that i was willing to cross half gotham to meet him, or at least that was the excuse. actually, truth was that i missed bruce and our pre-relationship friendship so i had decided, in a impulsive nostalgic moment, to call him. i shrugged, flipping my hair back, tightening the grip on my pursue as soon as the doors opened and i slipped out of the elevator to reach the waiting room. i sat down on one of the leather armchairs against the wall, waiting for someone to let me into bruce's office, but nobody was to be seen so i took my joker's brief out of my case, placing it with a muffled gesture on my lap. "he is not coming" a clear voice spoke and i raised my head to meet a pair of big, blue eyes glaring at me intently. i raised a brow, closing the brief, "i mean...bruce wayne" she walked to me, placing a wisp of pale blond hair behind her ear, "you are waiting for him, right?" she asked. i leant my head to the side, quizzically looking at her through my lashes, "he stood me up-" i muttered, more to myself than to the blond girl. "i should be used to it, since he always did it when we were together...." she thoughtfully looked at me as i got up from the armchair, grabbing my bag and making my way to the exit. "you are leaving already?" she asked, walking with me and giving me an apologetic smile. "i'm on lunch break. i have barely an hour before going back to work" i replied, mentally blaming myself for being rude to her when she was only trying to be kind. "rachel dawes" i offered her my hand, "harvey dent's assistant? that rachel dawes?' she seemed pleasently impressed. " that's me" i grinned, "nice to meet you" she replied, taking my hand and tightening it with a strong clasp. "charlotte conrad, socialitè and business intern" she added and for the first time i noticed a tiny french accent in the way she pronunced her 'r'. "i'm sorry for being bitchy" i honestly said, while waiting for the elevator, "i walked here for fifteen minutes and he ditched me" i shrugged. "mr. wayne can be an ass sometimes" she replied with a wide smile, ruffling inside her bag to take her mobile. she dialed something, probably texting. "look, i have an hour before /he/ comes back. i bet he forgot to call you. he had an urgent meeting." "have lunch together!!" charlotte suggested and i nodded, grinning, "why not" she seemed nice and i hadn't had lunch out with a friend since ages. "i just found out this cute bistrò downtown-" the elevator opened and we slipped in, next to each other. "let's go. i'm starving" she replied, passing a hand through her hair and putting on some lipstick.


Sitting around the white little table inside the restaurant while reading the menu, i felt charlotte's curious eyes on me. I looked at her with a little smile “sorry but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen you somewhere.” she said, shaking her head and putting the menu aside. “were you at that formal dinner bruce hosted last month?” “Yes. I was.” I smiled pleasantly, closing the menu. of course i was, unluckily i had to attend any event in gotham to be beside harvey's side .“and that charity event hosted by filippovna?” she asked again, cringing slightly while mentioning sabrina, the new russian business woman in town.“yes.” i nodded again, grinning. “and-“ she started again, “I managed to be on every single formal dinner that is held in gotham. Is part of my job.” i commented with a thoughtful smile. “so is mine.” she laughed at my comment. her eyes widened and she started to stare at me again chewing the inside of her mouth in curiousity. “so... how long have you known bruce, I mean mr. wayne?” here we go, i thought. obviously voices in gotham run fast so charlotte was probably curious about our /relationship/. was she too shy to ask? i wouldn't have said, judging her for what i had seen. “since we were kids. my mother used to work for the wayne’s.” i answered with a small smile, feeling sad for a moment. “oh, that’s nice. so you’ve been friends since childhood!” she nearly squealed in pleasure. “i always wanted to have a childhood friend...” she pause before adding, “I actually had, but we lost touch when I moved in the states. It’s nice to have someone close to you that you’ve known for a long time.” she said, assuming a nostalgic face. “we aren’t as close as you think.” i paused, thinking about how he had just stood me up without bothering to call me. “well, ever since his parents... died, he was gone for a certain time and when he returned... he had, well... a /son/.” i blabbed loosing myself in the memories. “dick...” she mumbled. “excuse me?” i woke up suddenly, staring at her quizzically. “i said, dick... the name, the person! Not, that bruce is a... y’know what I mean!” she muttered, blushing lightly in embarassment. “oh, right. dick.” i smiled, flipping my hair back. “it’s strange you know.” “what’s strange?” she put a chunk of hair behind her ear as she stared curiously at me. “how easy was for him to take up the role of a parent. well, maybe he was more of a brother to dick, since he is only five years younger, but still...” i found my own voice distant and sad, without a proper reason, thinking about how we used to be best friends back in those day where the waynes were still alive and happy. we were careless, like any other children and close to each other like brother and sister.......i loved him and i cared about him but it was ages ago and it didn't matter anymore.

“what happened then? After bruce was back?” she asked with little voice, trying to don't sound intrusive. “nothing really. he took over his father’s company, made this great comeback, became what he is today...” i said with plain voice, trying to keep a straight face. “an a.sshole?” she said deadpan making me laugh “Yes.” “but, that a.sshole can also have a soft side.” i tried to justify him, again, like i always did for years. “oh, do tell.” she laced her fingers and leaned her chin onto her hands, smiling. she sounded almost shocked by this unknown side of him, not that i didn't expect it since he was so cold and callous now. i saw curiousity springing in her eyes as the revelation moment was coming but i really wanted to tease her more.“he is very caring to those who are closest to him. or at least feels close.” i smiled to myself. “if he acts rough at times, he only does it to protect you." i spoke without thinking finding her blank stare. “yeah, well... he’s still an a.ss.” she sighed. i let out a loud chuckle. “I guess that’s why you prefer his son?” i asked, a smirk appearing on my lips. “what?” she stared at her sheepishly. “you seem to have forgotten that I’ve attended each dinner and social event like you right?” i couldn't help but notice how the two of them looked cozy with eachother. “you and dick are always next to each other.” my smirk grew wider. “that’s because we’ve became really good friends.” she shrugged carelessly but i was a good mindreader. “nothing more.” i nodded holding a smile, “that’s what me and bruce use to say too. until we started dating.” she seemed pleased by the news but i could actually see that it wasn't a surprise really. “but let me guess, his strange behavior and the fact that he always disappeared was getting in the way of your relationship.” indelicate but straight to the point. one point to charlotte, zero for rachel. “you’ve guessed it.” i looked down at my nails, a slight frown tugging from the corners of my lips. “I’m sorry...” she apologized meekly, “I had no intentions of making you... well, sad.”

i looked up to her, who sideglanced at me with a preoccupied smile. i gestured vaguely, '' i'm not sad. i'm just, well you know, nostalgic" i smiled widely, sipping slowly my wine and leaning my head against my hand. "i so needed a girl chat" i added, swirling a wisp of hair around my finger. she nodded, "i can't talk about boys with...the boys" charlotte pouted, taking a piece of bread into her mouth and chewing it, like it was the most delightful thing on heart. "nor about clothes" i added, shaking my head in resignation thinking about the few times i had tried to have some girl conversation with Harvey. clearly he wasn't a girl, i should have known what would have happened: a sudden switch to more neutral field. "dick barely know how to knot his tie" she drank from her glass, with a wide smirk on her pretty face. "he can't be worst than harvey" i paused significally, biting down my bottom lip, trying to hold a straight face. charlotte leaned towards the center of the table while i moved my face closer to her to whisper. i giggled thinking of him but i lowered my voice more "he DARED ask me once, if Louboutin is some sort of french recipe....." charlotte gave me an horrified look, widening her eyes bursting out in a loud silvery laugh, bringing a hand to her forehead in the perfect interpretation of outraged 18th century lady, "unforgivable!! mon dieu-"
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