16th-- Professor Mcgonagall makes a special announcment: Hogwarts will hold a ball on the 29th, and the best news? Beaxbatons, the French Wizarding school will be attending.

I skipped down the main hall toward the dinning room, for the important announcement. Buzzing of gossip filled my ears on my way up from the dungeon.

Seeing Lona and Aggy, I headed toward them at the Slytherin table, a small smile still placed on my face. It was good to be back with friends instead of at home, with out dying grandfather. Which was the reason I had been out for a while.

"Hello." I said glowing with excitement, sitting down across from them.

"Hi," They both grumbled which didn't seem to pass me. I grabbed some juice and started sipping and looked around the table.

Catching Ian Holt's gaze on me, I beamed at him and blushed when he winked. I turned my face before he could notice the blush growing on my ivory skin. 

"What flustered you?" Lona asked looking at me and back to where I has been previously looking. 

"I am not flustered, just blushing." I said sipping the juice and looking at her, not seeing the eye roll.

"Who made you blush?" Aggy replied leaning in.

"A wink." I said looking up and back down when she slapped my hand. "What?!" I screeched.

"Who winked at you?" She went on, laughing.

"Ian Holt." I said giggling, with her. 

"No more Draco then?" Lona whispered. 

"I don't know." I said knowing a confused look was no on my face. While thinking about my feeling, Professor Mcgonagall got up and made her way to the stand. 

"Ladies and Gentleman," She said in her funny accent. "Hogwarts will hold a ball on the 29th" She started and was cut off by the buzzing of people talking once hearing the wonderful news."and the best news?" She continued pausing. "Beaxbatons, the French Wizarding school will be attending."

All hell broke lose then. Girls groaning while boys cheered. I frowned at the last part, which wiped my huge smile off my face.

"Damn!" I whispered. How was to find a date if the frenchy girls were going to steal all the guys. Upon feeling a gaze placed on me, I looked up to see Ian staring at me smiling. I smiled back feeling a bit better and turned to Lona who was discussing plans about shopping. 

xx, Bethany Heder

(sorry i haven't been here, i have been busy with school - don't forget me)
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