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I went shopping with my mum, nan and sister earlier and walked past Alan Titchmarsh on the pavement if any of you know who he is. Also bought The Perks of Being a Wallflower on DVD which I'm really excited to watch 'cause I haven't seen it yet and it's my favourite book. ♥

Tagged by @supercalifragilisticsocks, so sorry I haven't clipped my art final piece yet, I promise I will do it at some point! :P
1. You're on a safari, sightseeing and learning of this new culture, in an African savanna. You park underneath a tree to get a closer look at a boa in a tree--until you hear a disturbed growl from just feet away. A lion, crouched in a stance for attack, seems to glare at you with questioning eyes. What do you do?
I give the nice kitty-cat a tummy rub because really he was purring at the sight of the queen of cats. (The queen of cats ofc being me.)

2. Have you ever written a story?
I used to write a few short stories when I was younger, but now it's more diary entries than stories.

3. How do you feel about sci-fi shows/books?
Not very interested. I watched a sci-fi film a few months back with a friend which was better than I expected it to be but still not my kinda film.

4. Ring. Ring. Ring. "God f u c k in--" you rub your eyes as you're yanked from slumber by the sound of your cell phone, reaching for it with an annoyed desire for the noise to /just stop/. "Hello?" you groan.

"(insert your name)? This is the president of the United States. We need your help."

Why do you think Obama called you?
Well it'd be pretty odd seeing as I'm not even a US citizen, but I assume he's calling me to congratulate me on my awesome-ness. And ofc he's calling me in the middle of the night because he's such a party-animal.
5. Ever watched Glee?

6. Ever read fanfiction?
A couple, ehehe.

7. What are your feelings on abortion?
It's her own body, and so it's her own choice. She knows what's best for herself and whether she is capable of bringing up a child. I personally have nothing against it, ofc as long as it's done before a certain stage in the pregnancy.

8. Where's the furthest you've ever traveled from your current home?
Probably the US, but my geography isn't exactly very good so I might be wrong.
9. What genre of music could you see yourself never ever ever listening to?

10. Describe your family in one word.

11. When was the last time you jumped on your bed?
Like an hour or so ago ehe. For no reason I climbed onto my windowsill then from there jumped onto my bed. It's fun.

1. Thought on Miley Cyrus' style?
Don't really care tbh.

2. What do you usually have for breakfast?
Cereal or toast.

3. Aren't you obsessed with iPhone cases? If so, which is your favorite?
I kinda do love iPhone cases even though I don't have an iPhone haha. Like when I see someone with a boring bog-standard iPhone case I'm like dammit, if that was my iPhone it would look infinitely more awesome than that. xD

4. Favorite clothing brand?
I like the more individual places like Republic but rarely shop there because I'm poor. :(

5. Lana Del Rey or Marina and the Diamonds?
LANA DEL REY, omfg I love Lana so much it's unreal.

6. Do you like any musical artists from your country?
Well there are a lot of music artists from my country I like so I'm not gonna go into details listing them or anything.

7. Do you live in the city?

8. Do you prefer buying clothes in famous clothing brands or unknown ones?
Unknown I guess, but I don't really mind, just wherever sells the nicer clothes.

9. Do you believe in the saying that ''Money is not the key to happiness''?
Yes. Like happiness may be aided by money but you get a lot of rich people who are incredibly unhappy and a lot of poor people who are very happy.
10. Do you smoke? 

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