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What the fvck... so many things happened, I don't know where to start. Good news or bad news first? Why do I even ask?

Bad news first, just to get some fvcking edge off. So that guy I liked is a fvcking dick. I won't go into details but basically he told all of my friends "I didn't actually like her, I liked the idea of her" which basically confirmed my personal insecurities, and also confirms that he was leading me on just because he could. And I swear, coincidentally that happened at the worst timing, my own mental health was collapsing and I'm starting to get back into old habits. My friends know about my condition, and since me and that guy are supposed to be best friends they asked him about what's going on with me, and he just said "She's heartbroken over me, she'll get over it." That PISSES ME OFF BECAUSE THE PAST WEEK I'VE BEEN GETTING THOSE THOUGHTS AGAIN AND EVERY NIGHT ITS JUST BEEN GETTING WORSE AND //THATS// THE REASON WHY I'M UPSET NOT BECAUSE OF THIS FVCKING AS/SHOLE. That aside, the drama should die down by tomorrow but I know my mental health is collapsing along with the return of my old bad habits. HAHAHA YAAAAAAYYYY (: (: (: I've been listening to hardcore music to relieve my stress, which helps in a way.

So good news now, I feel like I'm getting better at guitar and singing. I mean, I don't really know how I sound until someone tells me and so far I've been getting some good responses, which is cool. But I realized how fvcking passionate about music, it keeps me sane, happy, makes me feel less alone. I really, REALLY want to be in a band and make music that will help others feel that way too. I wanna do that so bad. 

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