Friday: The first official day with the detectives back. We've been warned to stray away from Corpus Humanis as well as one another to keep away from suspicion. (FREE DAY)

I was walking across the campus by myself, taking every measure I could to ignore the Headmaster's directions. I never had been one to follow rules. But even I had to admit, the quad was creepy at night. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being followed, and despite my urges to check behind my shoulder every five seconds, I didn't. 

"Chantal Bouvier?" 

I stopped dead in my tracks, but didn't dare turn around, for fear of who would be staring back at me. 

I tried to control my breathing as a pair of black boots began making their way in front of me. 

"We'd like to ask you a few questions about the murder of Elsie Nicholos." 

The detective. I seriously had the worst luck ever. Finally I brought my eyes up to stare at him. He was a tall, lean man with a long face. 

"Look, I'd love to stay and chat but I actually have somewhere to be right now." 

The look on his face almost made me burst into laughter. He looked absolutely dumbfounded. 

"I'm afraid, that was only a formality Miss. Bouvier. This is not a suggestion. Now, come with me." His voice turned cold. 

What an as.shole. But I didn't put up a fight, I just followed several steps behind him all the way to his office over in the east quad. 

I hesitated in front of his makeshift office. 


I followed him inside and found myself in front of a beat-up oak desk. There were two chairs, a wooden chair and a plush, red, velvet one closest to me. A single lamp was on the desk and a few fluorescent light bulbs were hanging from the ceiling. 

I sat down in the cushy chair and waited. I don't know why my heart was racing so badly or why my palms were sweating. After all, I had nothing to hide right? I mean, they couldn't get me on anything. 

"Excuse me but I don't feel comfortable answering any questions without my lawyers present." 

Detective Ross, as I found out his name was from his little name plate, laughed heartily. "Relax. It's only a few questions and we have permission from the school." 

I sighed loudly. 

"So, Chanel where were you on the night of Elsie's disappearance?" 

I paused, wondering if I should just tell him the truth. 

"Well, I was-" 

"There's no need to try and figure out a lie. We know that there was a society meeting that night." 

I was silent. 

"Okay, so you were at the meeting. What happened after?" 

"Well, Vic and I decided we wanted a little nightcap so we-" I paused, as I examined his expression. 

"Don't worry. You're not going to get in trouble for underage drinking." 

"Right, okay so we were in search of some booze when we ran into Elsie." 

The detective leaned forward, his eyes narrowed in interest. 

"She looked like she was in a fight. Of course, we like to mess with the girl but she was preoccupied." 

I became aware of his taking notes. 

"So, we just left it alone and headed towards Pemberly." I finished quickly. 

"Can I go now?" 

Detective Ross gave me a questioning glance. "Is that all?" 

"Yup. Now if you really don't mind, I have to go." 

He looked uncertain but I didn't wait for an answer. I merely bolted and didn't stop running until I was back inside the dorm. 

That had been too close. 

"Running from someone Chanel?" Klaire joked. 

"Nope. No one."
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