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13/08/29 {風雨中}

title in Chinese:
把我丟在黑夜 想著你

Song inspired ♬

Mayday-Star of Perseverance (恆星的恆星)

my city was obscured by dark clouds coz the typhoon
after the gales and storms, grey cloud that covered the sky
and it grew rather cold (but i love this weather, lol)
i stayed at home all day listen to music& turned the volume loud, xd

when I heard this song, I decided to make a set
the atmosphere of the set is suitable for this song
I use the pictures of #IU & #luhan
it was like they stood still, and gazing at each other in the starry night
i have to say luhan is so adorable, i can see the stars twinkle in his eyes ☆

* the outfits of today is my style, hehe

----fave lyrics----

You and I look at the stars, that night sky was so mysterious
The heavens are so black, the winds so hurried, you held me so closely
The galaxy is silent, because you are significant,
If your tear drops were to fall, the whole world would rain

詞/曲: 阿信

你和我 看星星
那夜空 多神秘
天很黑 風很急
沉默的 銀河系
因為你 有意義
你要是 落淚滴

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