Tale of Daisuke: Hearts of Heroes!

For my Upcoming Digimon/Naruto crossover FanFic
Based off The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Bull-headed Davis is the third jinchūriki of the thirteen-winged dragon demon and nephew of second jinchūriki and famous ninja, Demiyah Motomiya, ‘the Sacred One’. He wants to be his own person, decide his own destiny, and write his own tale. Years before, he left his old home after he selflessly sealed the demon in himself to save Demiyah’s baby and was deemed a second Naruto by the village. Now, to stop an ancient plague of evil, Davis has to ally with his former village, Konoha, home of Naruto. He embraces on a quest with friends, old and new, and learns what makes a real hero.
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