The tale has passed from generation to generation of a golden maiden. A sad story of a mermaid who fell in love with a sailor. The mermaid's love for this man was so great that she yearned to become human and remain close to him always.
The tale goes that one magical night her wish was granted and human she did become-but at great expense to herself. The terms were that she would no longer be able to swim in the depths of the waters she knew and loved so well, but from that time forward must remain upon the ocean surface. Her passion was so great for her lover that she spent little time thinking of the sacrifice she had just agreed to, Instead, the young maiden set out immediately, hoping to find her handsome sailor. She wanted to meet with him that very night and reveal her wonderful transformation.
Here the tale comes to a tragic ending. For this beautiful golden woman never found her sailor. While in port, he was stricken with a sudden illness which took his life. So the golden maiden searched in vain, never finding the love she sought.
Mostly when this story is heard, it is believed by the listeners to be fantasy. If suggested otherwise, much scoffing and laughter are the usual responses. 
But occasionally, there will be one or two very quiet and sober sailors in the group who do not join in the laughter. 
For they are thinking of a night they sailed upon stormy seas, when the mist parted for a fleeting few minutes, and their eyes beheld a wondrous sight: a small boat gliding upon the water's surface- and in it rode a beautiful golden maiden.

Song of the Siren:
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