Tales of Auradon

As requested by @the-forgotten-wolf... A collection of all the stories (vignettes, chronicles, diaries, etc) in chronological order
Sadly but obviously the stories don't connect perfectly but I tried to do my best... some of the entries don't have (and don't need) any clue of when the event happens so I added them randomly just keeping the order they were posted...
If you have any suggestion to make this better please comment ;)
also PLEASE, if I forgot any of your entries comment because it was totally unintentionally


Wrote one year ago
@the-forgotten-wolf It was way easier to do it then I thought would be! haha

Wrote one year ago
Thanks so much!! This is perfect!! c:

Wrote one year ago
⚜ Villains ⚜
@graceeliza21 // Charlotte "Charlie" Night, Daughter of Hades
@lindyswan97 // Lyca, Daughter of the Big Bad Wolf
@reya-selene // Marina Hook, Daughter of Captain Hook
@nightingale23 // Jenna Tremaine, Daughter of Drizella Tremaine
@cheshirehatter // Quinn Hart, Daughter of the Queen of Hearts
@boogieboard99 // Asalah (Asa), Daughter of Yzma
@moo-moo416 // Kailynn (Kai), Daughter of Ursula
@i-love-stan-the-man // Scarlet, Daughter of Scar
@kenny-ks // Gabrielle, Daughter of Gaston
@punkette123 // Desiree, Daughter of Dr.Facilier
@btwfoxes // Agatha Mary Tremaine, Daughter of Lady Tremaine
@oreokk22 // Juniper, Daughter of Jadis (The White Witch)
@casterot-virginie // Lela Gothel, Daughter of Mother Gothel
@megan-j-loves-you // Gwen, Daughter of Maleficent
@official-llama-princess // Mira Magic, Daughter of The Magic Mirror
@katarina-stilinski // Cora, Daughter of Ursula
@daisy414 // Astrid Westergård, Daughter of Prince Hans
@pinklady89 // Ivanna "Ivy" De Vil, Daughter of Cruella De Vil
@hp-disneyfan22 // Kara, Daughter of Clayton
@decoder13 // Margaretha "Meta" Brandt, Daughter of The Headless Horseman

Wrote one year ago
♔ Heroes ♔
@kyandigurl // Kaya, Daughter of Elsa
@band13geek // Blaine Dunbroch, Daughter of Merida
@this-girl-on-fire // Saraya McKinely, Daughter of Belle
@sofie-dreamy // Blake Adams, Daughter of Aurora
@crazyaboutbooks1309 // Erika, Daughter of Ariel
@dieanotherday // Crystal Summers, Daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming
@little-onedirection // Charlie Frost, Daughter of Jack Frost
@onceuponascreen // Alienor Liddell, Daughter of Alice
@charlielove-899 // Flynn Fitzherbert, Son of Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert
@annabelle-95 // John Porter, Son of Jane Porter and Tarzan
@queen-ella // Tasha, Daughter of Anastasia and the Baker
@krysla // Tinka, Daughter of Tinkerbell
@camneums // Winnie Darling, Daughter of Wendy Darling
@flavoka-tigre // Thereza (Terri) Porter, Daughter of Jane Porter and Tarzan
@silentrose // Eleazar "Eli" Sankar, Son of Aladdin and Jasmine
@misscreepyashell // Hyorin Leota, Daughter of Madame Leota
@katetagt1 // Lukey (Luke) Swan, Son of Tinkerbell and Terence
@the-forgotten-wolf // Hebe Rider, Daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert
@trulydear // Viola Baker, Daughter Basil
@disneyboundmagic // Johnathon, Son of Jaq
@viennemoore // Dalma Radcliffe, Daughter of Roger & Anita Radcliffe
@honieoleander // Li Yuxin, Daughter of Li Shang and Fa Mulan
@mikaelsonlegacy // Willow Hood, Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood


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