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Song: Hit me by SHINee. 

Tagged by @aliicia21 & @white-name I'm pretty sure some others have tagged me for this as well but I honestly can't remember. ^^;; I'm sorry! If you see this and you tagged let me know so I can add you. ^^

RULES: For this contest submit sets inspired by your very first bias. Write a description of how you you got into them and why you liked them. Be sure to tag at least three people I will check!

Reasons why I like Key…Hmm. I don’t think I can say anything I haven’t said in the past. He speaks his mind and I don’t think he’s afraid to be himself. Those are things that I admire in people and I admire Key for those reasons. Looks have never been a super important thing to me (and if they were then Jonghyun would have been my bias, haha) and while I do think he is attractive that’s not why he is my bias. And I’ll be honest, though it wasn’t a big factor, I like that I was able to pronounce his name! XD
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