:"You're mad at me aren't you." Liam asked while sitting down beside me , I was currently sitting on a beach towel closer to the ocean and away from the group. Alone until Liam showed up.

"No." I said resting my head on his shoulder.

"Are you sure? Because i think you are lying right now?" I looked up smiling a little at him. "Liam i am not mad at you."

"Your lying." he said now using his infamous puppy eyes. "No you don't get to use puppy eyes on me." I said burrying my face into his shoulder so i couldn't see them. That wasn't a fair. 

Not fair at all.

"Forgive me?" he said , I was positive he added the pout as well. I wasn't going to check though

"I am not mad at you." I repeated. 

"Everyone else is." He said with a sigh. "Scott's pretty pissed and Ally just glares at me everytime i see her." he said , I looked up at him now to see a frown come across his face.

"That was because you pulled a move. What happens between Ally and Scott ,happens between Ally and Scott ." I said softly. 

"Like you can talk miss busy body." he said teasingly before kissing the top of my forehead, "Yeah well that is different." I said "I am not spying on either one of them."

"I wasn't spying." he said outloud.

"Look it doesn't matter. They will get over it , Scott has been your bestfriend since forever and if you want i'll talk to Ally for you." I said poking him slightly.

"Thanks." He said softly, Liam may act like an as.shole at times but he loved his friends and Scott being piss.ed was not good.

"Your welcome." I said sitting up slightly but still leaning on Liam. "So what exactly are you doing out here all alone Miss Cohen?"

"Thinking ? Relaxing? I don't know." I said honestly , for some i reason i just felt like being alone.

"Hmm thinking that could be potential dangerous for me." Liam said a grin now back on his face, I shrugged "It might be but i wouldn't tell you."

"Of course you wouldn't."

"So what have you been up to , apart from listenting in on private conversations." I said to Liam shooting him a teasing grin to know i wasn't been to serious about it all.

"Your never gonna let me live that down are you?" he asked shaking his head. "I've been hanging out with Tyler." he said nodding. 

"Who's Tyler?" I asked scrunching my nose up. I didn't want to admit it but i always felt left out when i didn't know something about Liam.

"You met him." he said frowning a little. "Remember at the carnival , he was the guy who let us infront of him." Liam said. 

Recognition hit me. That guy.

The same guy who creeped me out in the library with his dumb invitation. 

"Oh i don't think i got told his name." I said trying to smile.

"Yeah well i just been hanging out with him and a few guys from my class , you know studying for midterms." he said nodding. I raised an eyebrow "Is studying a code word for something?"

He shook his head "Nope i was legitmately studying , you see my girlfriend has a thing for smart guys." he began.

"Oh yeah then why is she dating you?" I teased.

"I have absolutely no idea." he said. For someone reason the way he said it hurt a little too much. It was like honestly believed he had no idea why i would date him.
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