"Wake your f-ing ass up!" Nat grabbed my flip flops from beside my bed and hit my butt with them.

 "OW!" I sat right up in my bed, hair terribly tusouled and wild. "No, bitchh." I shook my head and hit her butt. I stepped out of bed and headed over to my tiny to-small closet. I rolled my tongue, as I looked for the perfect outfit. Dance outfit that is. I got my ghetto shoes that I hadn't worn once since I'd bought them. I put on a hot pink tank top, and lime green sweats. We are doing hip hop. I stepped inot the living room where Bonnie, Mirelle and Nat were already playing the music, just to get the hang of it.
 "We're getting crunk in her!" Mirelle shouted,
 "Oh yeah!" We shouted back,

 "Ok," Nat said "5, 6, 7, 8!"


sry for the short stories, I'm just not that inspired x)
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