Okay I don't know where this is coming from but I just honestly don't understand this! I don't get what the big deal is with being tan! Seriously give me one reason why it looks so much more attractive to some people than having pale skin. In the old days it was considered to be more beautiful to have pale skin because it meant that you didn't go outside to do labor and stuff like that. People would always be extra careful to cover their skin in the summer and wear bonnets and stuff. Nowadays people go in tanning beds all the time and think that it is so safe. It outrages me how many teens my age and even younger go to tanning beds. Why do people automatically link being tan as attractive. I think it is gross. That one mark in the picture is what it will look like if you get skin cancer. You will also get wrinkly and look older than your friends a lot quicker. I think it is so gorgeous when i see a girl with pale skin, it just seem to glow. Even if you are not going for a scene look like the girl on the bottom in the middle it still looks attractive to me. Why are so many people literally DYING for a tan??? What is the obsession. If you are a teen the first time you go into a tanning bed your rate for skin cancer increases by 75%. I will never go tanning and I honestly wish my skin was less orangs sometimes and more white and glowing. A tan is litterally a big bruise on your skin tyring to repair itself from the suns damage. You stand out so much more with white skin than otrange skin, and your skin seems to glow. Sorry for the rant, but i had to get this off my chest!
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Wrote two years ago
You could have worded your post better you know. I know your intentions were good but many naturally tan people could take it the wrong way. The description doesn't really show the true meaning of this post because you still say that tan looks bad. I agree that fake tanning looks horrible most of the time and it is extremely harmful but be sure to clarify that that's what you mean with your title next time. I thought that you hated tan people until I read your comments. "Tan is gross" is a bad title. You should probably rename your set or something. Other than that I completely agree that people always look better when their skin color is natural.

Wrote two years ago
Agreed. Tanning is really bad for you, especially for those with fair skin. HELLO! Rmember where your ancestors came from!

Wrote 6 years ago
Tan is only pretty on those that are naturally tan/olive toned.
I agree, fake tans or girls that tan excessively=really gross and fake looking.

Wrote 6 years ago
if i was ian i would look like im some knida mixed white or somthing


indie/rock/punk/electronica, RnB music(owl city, varsity fanclub, nlt, v-factory, all time low, the maine, cash cash, we the kings, paramore, nevershoutnever, nickasaur, the maine, ect.)

indie/rock/punk/electronica, RnB music(owl city, varsity fanclub, nlt, v-factory, all time low, the maine, cash cash, we the kings, paramore, nevershoutnever, nickasaur, the maine, ect.)

this is the group for people that like these bands:
all time low
owl city
dot dot curve
unicorn kid
a day to remember
senses fail
hollywood undead
surrender the dance floor
fleet foxes
family force 5
breathe carolina
death cab fr cutie
dot dot curve
j bigga
radio racer
teen hearts
the summer set
the hometown anthem
select start
the lonely island
jamestwon story
the title
hello atronauant
boys like girls
stereo skyline,
metro station
cute is what we aim for
cobra starship
forever the sickest kids
red jumpsuit apparatus
the maine,
cash cash
chase coy
stephen jerzak
hawk nelson
green day
simple plan
all american rejects
we the kings
kill paradise
fall out boy
death cab for cutie
varsity fanclub
hey monday
any other bands like these:)




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