It had been several days now. Several days of pure confusion, yet also of joy... yes, joy, even though Miquelle seemed to be trapped forever in The Invisible Realm. Why joy? Because she had met him. Yep, him. The invisible boy. Daniel. That was his name. He was one of the most amazing people she had ever met. He was a Psychic, and his gift was Cross-dimensional Awareness, which was how he had know where she was at. As Daniel had explained it to her there were multiple different dimensions, and the Invisible Realm was just one. The only thing about the Invisible Realm was that it was literally a world layered on top of the Physical Realm, aka Earth. While standing in the forest in the Physical Realm you were always standing in the Invisible Realm, but without knowing it. 

Yeah, it was kind of complicated, even though Daniel had tried explaining it to her a thousand times. That was another thing that made him so special, his patience level was amazing! Not once had he spoken a harsh word to her. Miquelle had to admit, with his deep green and oh so haunting eyes, his perfect smile, and his reassuring ways... she might just be falling for him... Never had she felt this way about anyone before. And at this rate she might be stuck in here with him forever.

They were working hard though, very hard. Bit by bit, with their combined gifts, they were making progress, and gaining knowledge on how to escape. With Daniel's gift he was able to be aware of everything that went on back at TAOTG with ease, and though Miquelle could if she tried it didn't work as well. She could see what was happening, but she couldn't actually hear it. Her strong point was being able to see portals from the Invisible Realm to the Physical realm. So far all the portals had been locked, but she hadn't quit looking. Each day she would send Lex messages, by channeling all her energy into memories while focusing on an image of her dear friend's face. 

At the moment it was dark and foggy, definitely night time, or probably so. It was always rather dark here, like something from a horror movie. The only way they knew if it was night time was when the stars peaked through the fog and clouds. A chill ran through her once again, and Miquelle realized she hadn't really stopped shivering once today. The fog had soaked her to the bone after a while, and making a fire was verging on impossible. She and Daniel were huddled together for warmth, but nothing more really. Most likely he felt nothing for her in that way... Though she still clung to a small hope in the back of her mind that maybe, just maybe, he might be even slightly in love with her. 

"I'm going to try again." Miquelle whispered through chattering teeth.

"Didn't you already try today?"

"Yeah, but I need to do it again."

"At the least you're just going to wake Lex up... Whenever you do it she cries out in pain... I've watched it happen."

"I know... but maybe this time will be different. Maybe... well... I don't know. Somehow she'll find a way to help us. I just know it."

"Okay, just be careful, it always drains you physically."

Standing Miquelle walked a few paces away and knelt down. Daniel watched her intensely. Closing her eyes she surged memories of that day to the forefront of her consciousness, trying to show Lex how she needed to find a portal that she could open. One that hadn't been locked by Richard, for she knew that's what had happened. Who knows, maybe Lex could find something at that Vault place to help... 

"Please, oh please help us!.. I need you Lex... please..."

She let the memories fade, and began to cry. Something touched her shoulder and she looked up to see Daniel beside her.

"It's gonna be okay, I promise." He whispered in her ear, and wrapped his arms around her.
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