Miquelle slurps the last mouthful of her mocha latte and trashes the disposable cup in a nearby trash can. 

"Well, let's hope that some coffee can get me through this morning." she mumbles to herself with a small yawn

When she spots a classroom door marked, 302, she approaches it. Raising her hand to knock on th door Miquelle takes a deep breath. But before she could make the first tap the door was opened, and a middle aged man with dark wavy brown hair stood before her, smiling.

"Hey, you must be Miquelle!"

"Oh, hi... yeah, I'm Miquelle... you must be Mr.-"

"Mr. Briggs. Richard Briggs. I'll be your Invisiblity mentor. We'll work one on one together each day, for an hour or so. Today I'm just going to see where you're at with your skills."

Looking nervous Miquelle shifts uncomfortably. "I'm... I'm not too good..."

Seeing her visible angst Richard smiles reassuringly. "It's just to see where you're at, not hard, I promise."

Trying to pull her act together, Miquelle returns his smile, appreciating his kind manner. 

"Before the test though I just want to talk with you a bit about what the power of invisibility is. I, of course, have said gift, which is why I have been appointed to teach you. But I think you'll find my methods a bit different that teachers you might have encountered before."

"Well, you'll be my first, so no worries."

"Oh, well then, all the better. I get to work with a clean, fresh mind. I hate when I have to work with kids who's ideas have already been shaped into false understand. First off, the gift of invisibility is just as much a psychic gift as it is a physical gift."

At this Miquelle gives him a skeptical look.

"Now, now, just hear me out." he smiles, laughing slightly. "Most people don't progress in the gift far enough to see the truth of this revealed. But not only can those gifted with invisibility make themselves and other things invisible they can see things that are a part of the invisible realm."

"The invisible realm?" she says, the skepticism now even plainer in her voice.

"I swear to you, I'm not a babbling fool. It is a real thing. There are some things that can't be seen by the naked eye. We all know this to be true, and i'm not just talking about needing a microscope. There are some things that can only be seen by people like us. They exist in this world, they just can't be seen. And, if you progress so far as to be able to see such things, you can even make them visible... permanently. Ours is a gift that is often underestimated, but do not be fooled, it is far more than a trifling ability."

"And you're serious?"

"Dead serious, and I will do all that I can to get you to such a place in which you can do these things. I see big things in you, though you're skills may not be all that great as of now."
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