zooey deschanel i love you
so yep hiya
holly here
as always
who else would it be?
that's who.
i have started A-levels now and so far i am enjoying them! i took English Lit, Art, IT and Media c: 
I love media because we watch films and blog about it
so yep getting a grade for my life is pretty a-okay
Doctor who omg cries
amy and rory how heartbreaking no no no come back
wahhhhh, hence the TARDIS blue set
this is a nice nature set for you all to say hiya and yep sorry i've not been on in like 2 months (again)
this'll probably continue as in going and coming every so often...
i try to check it i really do 
but i am very busy watching films (kick-ass at the mo) and blogging about it
i'm even on the Asylum of the Daleks website so yeah take that biatches
although that was a month ago so it's probably not on there anymore
holly stop rambling and say goodbye.

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