Evangeline Simpson - 18
Loves - herself, being on top, attention
Hates - being blamed, competition, cheap clothes
Bio - Evangeline is cunning and manipulative, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She was the queen of New York, and in control of everything, everyone. Now Evangeline traded in her Miu Miu heels for gladiator sandals, and is ready to take The Society down….. and Yale with it. Will she succeed? Good luck sweetheart.
Model – you choose, no sitemodels [suggested; olivia palermo]
evangeline simpson
"I can't believe you're sending me to St. August's Resort." I whined to my mother. "This is going to ruin my life."

"Darling, stop being so dramatic. It will be good to get away from New York."

"No, it won't." I stated, flatly.

"Evie, you're going to make new friends, and maybe even meet a boy." She said with a smile.

"I have friends and a boyfriend." I sighed, "Please, mother."

"Bossing people around is not what you do to friends, and Mark, well Mark only wants one thing."

I chuckled, "So you're sending me away so I won't sleep with him? You're crazy! You know that?"

"You took a vow, remember? I will not have my daughter become pregnant."

"God, mom not everything will go according to your plan. I'm not going."

"Damn it, Evangeline Grace Simpson, you are getting on that plane if I have to drag you myself."

Our limo stopped and I looked out at the city one last time. 

"Don't expect me to call or write. This is it mother. You send me away and you lose a daughter."

My mother didn't respond and stepped out of the car and into JFK airport. 

And that was three weeks ago.

so basically, if i get the part, evie will have been at st. august's for three weeks, stirring up trouble. i have some ideas on some scandal, so again if i get the part, and you want to be involved let me know.
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