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Hey'all! So I just wanted to share by basic before-bed beauty routine with you because although I don't know much about fancy products, these cheap and staple buys pretty much give me clear and healthy skin all year round!

1) Use a good cleanser, make-up remover, wipes or moisturizer to take off any makeup before bed - this is my one makeup law. I use Johnson's Baby Lotion, which may sound silly, but is cheap and is the one product I have used since I was a kid that has NEVER failed to give me great skin.

2) Find a good face wash. I personally find The Body Shop does great natural ones like Seaweed or Peppermint that do the job without leaving your skin slimy or oily after washing.

3) If you have oily or irritable skin, pick a blemish or spot treatment that works for you. One I have discovered recently is Lush's 'Grease Lightning' - I've been using it every night for 3 weeks and ALL my spots are gone! (It's also a bargain, only £7.50 for a fairly good-sized bottle)

4) Each night when treating my face I also like to look after my feet, because as a dancer they can become very sore and tough. Yet again The Body Shop provides a cheap, good-quality answer; body butters and night creams. I love their Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream for my feet and ankles.

So, there you have it! My daily (nightly) beauty routine for good skin.
Adios my darlings,
Tasha :)
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