This set is for @mariloo and @netty thank you so much for the gorgeous sets you made for me and for your continued support!!!! Happy valentine's day to both of you! kisses
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  • NOVICA Tempera on Canvas Signed Buddha Painting
    The quiet grace of a Buddha image is manifest against a background of glowing colors. This beautiful statue sits in Thailand's Wat Phra Singh temple. Considered a supreme example of northern Thai art the image is one of a rare series of lion style images. For Thotsapon the image inspires faith which he shares through this reverent painting. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation filled with breathtaking ancient temples pagodas and other architectural wonders constructed to worship Buddha. In Thailand images of Buddha play an important role beyond mere decoration. They are traditionally placed within the home in special locations such as shrines or pedestals to help facilitate everyday religious worship.
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  • NOVICA Thai Mixed Media Signed Golden Lotus Blossom Painting
    Radiant in the shadows lotus blossoms are Buddha's preferred offering. Noppadon Kamkong works in mixed media to depict three stately flowers. Applications of golden foil create a luminous effect as though the petals glow with their own light.
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  • Oriental Furniture 11"" Thai Sitting Buddha Statue
    Oriental Furniture - Statuettes / Figurines - STABUD21 - This is a large, wonderfully decorated statue of Sakyamuni Buddha in classic Thai design. Part of a selection of reproductions from several venerated East Asian artistic traditions. The original design was an exceptional wood carving of a seated Buddha figure, eyes closed in deep meditation. Unique, authentic reproduction of a Thai style Buddha carving. Cast honey colored resin with stunning faux wood grain finish. Beautifully detailed robe with hand painted gold medallions. Hands posed to hold and display your treasured gem, ring, or collectible. From an outstanding selection of Buddhist Taoist art reproductions . A statue of a Buddha figure can provide a delightful Far Eastern accent, imparting a warm, contemplative atmosphere to living room, bedroom, office or studio. A Buddha statue is a thoughtful interesting gift, for holidays, birthdays, housewarming, graduation, or new business.Finish: honeyMade of heavy resinDetailed robe with hand painted gold medallionsFaux wood grain finishSpecifications:Product Weight: 2lbsOverall Dimensions: 11.5"" H x 8.5"" W x 4"" D
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  • Oriental Furniture 16"" Thai Sitting Buddha Statue
    Oriental Furniture - Statuettes / Figurines - STABUD22 - Here is a unique and attractive Thai style statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, born Siddhartha Gautama, the sage of the Sakyas, a prince of ancient India. This is a large, beautiful cast resin reproduction based on a much larger Lanna Thai design temple carving. Large, substantial sitting Sakyamuni Buddha statue. Fine quality reproduction of a Lanna Thai temple carving. Cast from high quality heavy resin with faux gold finish. Hands clasped to hold your cherished object; gem, ring, etc. One of over two dozen lovely Buddhist and Taoist icons we offer. Great gift for him or her, holiday, birthday, or special occasions. The gift of art is a thoughtful one, something to lift the spirit and add beauty to the home. Many people have an appreciation or an affinity for Buddhist art and iconography. The detail on this large, attractive statue is truly opulent, with beautiful gold garments contrasted by rich, warm caramel colored skin.Finish: caramelMade of heavy resin with faux gold finishSpecifications:Product Weight: 4.5lbsOverall Dimensions: 16.5"" H x 12"" W x 6"" D
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  • NOVICA Gold Bodhi Tree Silver Moon with Frame Buddhist Art Painting
    Buddhism inspires Parinya Nanjai to paint compositions that exude a welcoming sense of serenity. Proud to preserve the artistic style of northern Thailand the artist paints of a lush golden pipal (fig) tree reaching toward the silvery moon contrasting with a dark red background. Buddha achieved enlightenment while meditating beneath such a tree which came to be known as a bodhi or enlightened tree. The Thai artist paints with acrylics on wood and frames his work with raintree wood. This is adorned with a double frame crafted of bamboo and rattan for a traditional Lanna accent.
  • Интерьер.
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  • NOVICA Thai Spiritual Painting
    Mist swirls around a lotus pond where an elephant takes shape in 23k gold. The night sky is ablaze with comets and twinkling stars lending a sense of mystery to this beautiful painting. Northern Thai legend tells how Buddha was once born as an elephant and the lotus - a symbol of purity and wholeness - is the master's favorite offering Det explains. The elephant also represents power tolerance and wisdom. I am so impressed by the creature's goodness that I wanted to share these feelings.
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  • NOVICA Acrylic Painting of Buddha and Door from Thailand
    In warm orange-yellow on a background of purple Thai artist Poovadol depicts the divine face of Buddha in this original painting. Buddha is partially concealed by a door rendered in crimson and gold. My work is to tell about our lifestyle through Thai art and literature the artist confides.
  • NOVICA Unique Thai Painting (Triptych)
    Golden light envelops rosy pink blossoms. Illustrating Buddhist doctrine Noppadon Kamkong adds gilded details on a set of three canvases. In Thailand the lotus is more than simply a flower as it is utilized in worshipping Buddha and realizing positive activities. The lotus is Buddha's preferred offering.
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    Find Decorative Wall Art at! Buddha is a Lamina Framed Poster in a Soho Thin moulding. An affordable solution to add polish to any print or poster, Lamina framing is a great solution for any home or office. Size: 26x38 Framed Poster. Color: Gold. Gender: Unisex.
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  • NOVICA Signed Thai Dragonfly and Lotus Painting with Golden Accents
    Radiant in the sunlight lotus blossoms are Buddha's preferred offering. Noppadon Kamkong works in mixed media to depict three stately flowers. Applications of golden foil create a luminous effect and a tiny dragonfly hovers in the clear blue sky.

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