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I really just wanted these condomns to be the main idea of this set, and that girl with pink hair. so this is what happened, and it;s kind of like pink barf? although I think I might enjoy it

PS. dip dying my own hair. hell yes. finals are a joke. condomns arent offensive. reallyyyy want to take a bus to le boyfriend. desperate. 17 and bored af. this and simcity have lost their thrill and my interest. off to watch a movie and NOT do math hw, because want to know a secret? its only 4 extra credit points. excuse me, FRIKEN ONLY FOUR. its already 5 pages and I'm like 2/3 done. so thats like half a point a page. bs!
okay, I'm done complaining, I'm trying to be happier but no one really accepts my choices, so maybe thats why I complain, I try to be okay, but I'm melancholy lately. but have to be happy to seee le bf by friday, bonne chance de moi. 
lol good luck to me? I dont know. I'm just typing and not thinking. so poop.
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