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PLEASE NOTE: Although we admire all forms of Polyvore art, as this group is dedicated to Interior/exterior design, please DO NOT post fashion/art impression sets to this group (they will be removed). Thanks for your cooperation and understanding! TasteMasters~ is a group of artists dedicated to portraying their love of interior design and exterior landscape. Creative and fun contests as well as nice input from other members that share the love of interior design can be enjoyed here daily. Please join today and bring your friends! Feel free to share the interior/exterior sets your most proud of.
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Moderator Announcement eyesondesign Posted 4 days ago
TasteMasters, Just realized that Polyvore is no longer running featured interior design sets on a daily basis...they've gone to weekly. This is really disappointing to me as I'm sure to many of you as well. Interior design is why I joined Polyvore (I do participate by creating some fashion/beauty sets as a deviation). If you feel the same, I encourage you to drop a comment on the weekly Top Set collection and ask them to reconsider this. Also, just found out that Dot & Bo went out of business.......love their site and was sad to learn that they closed up shop. Just passing along in case that you were unaware. Have a great day all!!!!

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