[roleplay] We were standing in the hall waiting for our ride. A group of girls were standing next to me, measuring me up and down. I bit my lip. It didn`t feel good to be looked at like that. Clearly they were checking me out to see if I would mesure up. My heart was pounding as I looked around the room. My first year had just started, and I didn`t know anyone jet. A tall, blonde boy caught my eye, and he smiled at me, looking me straight in the eye. I could feel my ears turning red as he walked over to me. Luckily my hair was covering my ears. "Hi, I`m Evan Green," he said, shaking my hand. "Taylor Kist," I said. "Nice to meet you." "Are you a freshman too?" he asked. "Yep." I said. `Is it that obvious?`I thought. `I must seem really lost right now.` Evan introduced me to some of his friends, and it actually helped to learn the names of some of the other people at Brimstone. We talked all the way to Rosewood, but when we got there we parted ways. They were going to the book store first. I would have loved to join them, but I had a long list of things to buy in Rosewood, and I had no time to loose. The town itself was lovely, with small cottages and rose gardens, stone walls and beautiful fashion boutiques. I don`t think I had ever been to a town with that much soul. I looked at my list, the first point on the list being "ball gown". I sighed. Even though I`m used to taking care of myself, a little assistance would have been appreciated.
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