Taylor Richard.

Full name: Taylor Richard.
Nickname: Tay.
Age: 17 Date of Birth: 5 August.
Origins: 50% U.S. 50% Italian.
Personality: Taylor is the bad boy. He drink, smoke, play girls, bad education and cursing.
Basically - Taylor comes from a rich and very civilized. His father deals with a large high-tech company. His mother is engaged in the technological.
Although Taylor came from a good family, Taylor is a bad boy and does nothing but trouble.
But, what he would meet Miley, the new girl in school?
Features: Taylor is very talented in playing the guitar studying for over 7 years. When no one is around, Taylor also sang for himself and has a a special voice and very beautiful.
Appearance: Taylor is a handsome layer. There is no doubt that 50% of girls want him, and the rest were with him. (Like I said - it was a lot of girls and threw them after having sex.)
Taylor has black hair that always gets a jumpy but beautifully perfect.
His green Eyes so beautiful and bright, so beautiful loveliness.
Taylor's lips, so big and thick. They're so beautiful like someone just drew them on his face.
White skin but not too much, and full body muscle.
Taylor has three tattoos and piercings in the nose.
Other: Although Taylor did not respect girls as you have the chance to understand. But - as soon as he finds his one (this moment is closer than he thinks), he treated her like a queen, respect and esteem her.

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