{TBB} Marybeth

For an audition for the group: http://www.polyvore.com/blue_box_tbb/group.show?id=152206 by @glitterinmyviens and based on Doctor Who.
The good old French, the indulgence, the culture, the temperment. Marybeth represents all these things with grace. A french aristocrat of the 18th century Mary's head was spinning the first time she met the doctor. Not that her pride would let her show it, as soon as she heard of other planets she demanded the doctor take her with him. Of course he said no, but Marybeth is known to be stubborn. She snuck aboard the TARDIS and has been with him ever since. She is a bit daft and always gets herself into sticky situations. The 'damsel in distress' is a nickname she has picked up to her great displeasure. Despite her nickname she is not a hinderance, she just takes risks while everyone else is weighing the pros and cons. No one really knows how she has survived this long with all the stupid things she does, but Marybeth might be a beautiful damsel in distress but she doesn't need a knight in shining armor riding on a white horse anymore, all she needs is a doctor in a blue box.
Frida Gustavsson

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