The good things don't always soften the bad things. But vise versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant."
[The wise words of the doctor]

Ohh, yes! I'm so excited for this one!

But, first, a quick question for @glitterinmyviens: Since you're only on season 3 [no worries on that, I'm only towards the end of 4, so I'm not caught up either] are we going to use the tenth doctor or what?
I was just wondering because I want to know for stories and whatnot.


Born in Hyroxis Brecken is a mystery. Her planet was destroyed in the year 4920 when Brecken was only 12. The rumor is she was around to see it be destroyed but the Doctor saved her, plopped her on another planet and came back for her when she was older. Brecken doesn't deny or confirm that, the only thing that is certain is that besides the doctor (maybe that is just a rumor remember) Brecken hadn't seen a man until she was 18. That was the way of her people, Breckens planet consisted entirely of women, not a single man was supposed to set foot on the planet. A shipment of males orbited the planet once every ten years and...well you get the point. Even after her planet was destroyed Hyroxes across the universe came together and created a reservation so the young ones could learn their culture. But as the rumor goes somehow Brecken and the Doctor (maybe) reunited and Brecken is seeing a lot more than men now, try time lords and aliens.
daphne groeneveld


1. Brecken has particular a fascination with alien species and zoology
2. She thinks men are some of the most peculiar things to ever live.
3. She gets up in everyone's business and could interview you for hours about your life story, but she herself is not exactly an open book
4. Brecken could never imagine living like she did on Hyroxes ever again.
5. Brecken is easily startled, but when bravery is needed she'll do what she has to do.

TOP 3-

It's not that the story of one of the only survivors of the untimely fate of Hyroxes is untold, but that it is lost in time with all who know it keeping their mouths shut because of the tragedy that it told of. Not that the little girl, Brecken, told many the story anyhow. It wasn't until years later, when she had grown, that the only other creature who knew the story made a reappearance and scooped her up to go on a journey across all of time and space. 
But before its tragic demise, the planet of Hyroxes existed in serenity and peace with their voluntary quarantine from surrounding planets. It was a perfectly gorgeous green and blue orb floating in space with wispy, white clouds hovering in the sky and slowly drifting through the atmosphere. The surface of the planet was teeming with the energy of the pretty ladies that in habited it. They all lived in harmony, all as allied neighbors and friends.
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